August 10, 2020

10 Proven Ways to Send Money Online Securely and Internationally

“10 Proven Ways to Send Money Online” Now and then we do are in search of proven ways to send money to our loved ones abroad and that is faster and easy. With the help of advanced technology, there are numerous ways of sending money in the market if you wish to send it online immediately. There are different ways you can do this depending on the requirements that are demanded you the sender and that of the receiver. These requirements include the amount you are sending, the location you are sending to, and the details of the receivers will also be a need and very important as well.

10 Proven Ways to Send Money Online Securely

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10 Proven Ways to Send Money Online

“10 Proven Ways to Send Money Online” There are proven ways to send money online to your friends and family members instantly. Due to the pandemic state of the world, it is very difficult to visit people and get a loan from them. So sending money to them online will do help a lot and save them the stress and time. This money can be sent online through the various app, and websites that will enable both t you and the receiver. Without you both of you, meeting face-to-face before getting the cash. For those who are deeply in search of the proven ways to send money online let’s check out the 10 proven ways of sending money online.

  • Western Union.
  • MoneyGram.
  • PayPal.
  • Google Pay.
  • PopMoney.
  • Venmo.
  • Cash App.
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Xoom.
  • OFX.

Those are the top proven ways to send money online I’ll be showing you today.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the biggest and well-known ways of sending money online. With more than 500,000 agents that are in various locations spread across over 200 countries & territories across the world. Sending money can be made in person online by making use of the application and over the phone. The money can also be disposed of directly into the recipient’s bank account or for him/her to pick it up by her/him.

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MoneyGram is one of the proven ways of sending money online also to friends and family members all over the world. For you to have access to sending money through it, you must have to create an account with them.  You can send money by making do of your credit or debit card, or by just directly from your bank account. Whichever way you use in sending the funds to the recipient’s bank account or mobile wallet will be sent. This is depending on the receiver’s location. Transfer fees are attached to it when sending money through it. These fees are depending on the location of the recipient’s and also there is a fixed exchange rate if you are sending money internationally.


If you are making use of the PayPal account you can easily make payment to your overseas seller. All that is need from you is their email address and they must have a PayPal account that is very much valid. For them to be able to receive the money sent to them. It is free when sending money through them. All you do is link your credit or debit card. The currency conversion may be applied when you are buying from overseas.

Google Pay

Google Pay lets you send money to anyone through their email address or phone number. The money you send can come from the link of your credit card, debit card, or bank account. The receiver of the money doesn’t need Google Play to access the money transferred. As far they have a Google account and a debit card or bank account to receive the deposit funds. It doesn’t request you paying any fees, but you can receive and send money with the U.S


Popmoney is one of the easiest ways to send money online mobile devices or email addresses. If you can’t though you’re at a participating bank. You can send money for free if you are a user of PopMoney. Send you a request. Otherwise, it is only 95 cents if you initiate the transfer and the recipient doesn’t need a Popmoney account to cash the money. They receive notification through text or email that money was transferred to them.


Venmo money transfer apps allow you to send money and do other things like paying at participating businesses with your mobile device.  It is owned by PayPal and it has a social function so you can be able to share your transfer history with friends and family members. But if you are to transfer money for free, it will let you make use of the funding source like a bank account or money you’ve received from the other apps.

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Cash App

Cash App is one of the ways you send and receive money at no cost at all. Once you can be able to download and create an account. You are eligible to send, receive, and request money from your friend and family members instantly. To send money to someone using this app you will need their email address, phone number, etc.  It will be transferred directly through the app by just a single click.

Bank Transfer

Banks do make use of electronically transfer money through the ACH. Some of the charges fees for a bank transfer, many let you transfer money for free to other accounts. This is most true of online banks. However some do make use of traditional financial institutions, like that of the Chase, don’t attached fee to it.

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Xoom is proven ways top sending money online for those who want to send money abroad through the computer or Smartphone. To make use of the Xoom you must create an account with them first and set up a payment method a bank account credit card or debit card. To send money you will need your recipient’s name as it appears on their ID, address, and phone numbers and if you making a bank deposit, you will need their bank names and account number as well.

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Another option for sending funds internationally is OFX which has been proven. To transfer money with the OFX you will first need to register, then get verified and sign in. Then next you will have to need to input the recipient’s bank account information correctly. You can either send the funds directly to your friend or family members; rather still you wire money to OFX. They will then in turn transfer the money for you. The funds will only be sent via direct debit or wire transfer. You can make use of credit cards, checks, or bank drafts or cash.


Make sure that before you send money online through these proven ways via your mobile phones, computer, and email address. Make sure you take all vital precautions to ensure that your transfer is safe.

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