March 28, 2020

Allied Insurance Company of America – Different Branches in America

“Allied Insurance Company of America” Allied Insurance helps to provide insurance to individuals, businesses, and families. The headquarters are located in Des Moines, Lowa. It represented by the Independent Insurance Agents through their regional offices and staff in Des Moines, Lowa, Denver, Colorado, Sacramento, California, and Nebraska. Allied employs more than 4,100 people throughout the U.S Allied insurance center was established by Robertson Ryan & Associates in Wisconsin in the year 2017.

Allied Insurance Company of America

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Allied Insurance Company of America – History

The Allied insurance company was formed as the Allied Mutual Automobile Association in 1929 by Harold Evans. In the year 1998, Allied r had to merge with the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. In Columbus Ohio, a fortune of 500 companies based there. The Nationwide is known as one of the country’s largest diversified insurance and the financial services organizations and also is one of the country’s largest auto and home insurer and the employs more than 35,000 persons throughout the country. In the year 1999, the California insurance in Sacramento, California joined the Nationwide as well. These are the organizations along with several others, and now they all operate as the Nationwide.

Allied Insurance – Des Moines, Lowa

Des Moines, Lowa is the capital and the most popular city in the U.S state of Lowa.  It’s also known as the County Seat of Polk County.  A small part of the city extends into the warren county. On September 22, 1851, as Fort Des Moines, this later was shortening to Des Moines in the year 1857. It was named after the Des Moines River, which was adapted from the early French name Rivere des Moines.

Des Moines is a vital center of the US insurance industry and it has a sizable financial services and publishing business base. The city was been credited as the number one spot for U.s insurance Companies in Business Wire article and the named the third largest. The city headquarters for the principal financial group, TMC transportation, the Meredith cooperation, etc. Other major cooperation includes well Fargo, Voya financial, and ACE Limited, etc.

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Allied Insurance – Lincoln, Nebraska

 Lincoln is a capital of the U.s state of Nebraska and the county seat of Lancaster County. The city covers 96.194 square miles (249.141km) it has a popular of about 287,401 in 2018. It is the second-most populous city in Nebraska and the 70th largest in the United States.  The City was founded in the year 1856 as the village of the Lancaster on the wild salt marshes of what was to become Lancaster County. The year 1869, the village of Lancaster became Nebraska’s state capital and was later renamed Lincoln.  The Bertram G. Goodhue designed state capital building was completed in 1932 and the second tallest capitol in the United States.

Allied Insurance – Denver Colorado

Denver is a city and a County is a capital and most populous city of the U.S. capital state of Colorado. Denver is located in the South Platte River Valley on the Western edge of the high plains just east of the front range of the Rocky Mountains. It has the estimated population of 716,492 in 2018 and is the 19th most populous U.S city and with a 19.38% has increased since the year 2010 United States Census, it has been one of the fastest-growing major cities in the United State.

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Allied Insurance – California Sacramento

 Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California ant the seat of Sacramento County. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American river northern California’s Sacramento Valley. In the year 2018, the estimated population is 501,334 makes it the sixth-largest city in California and the ninth-largest capital in the United States.

NOTE: These are the various location of the Allied Insurance Company in American.

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