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Privacy on Facebook

Privacy on Facebook – Make Your Facebook Account Fully Secured

"Privacy on Facebook" Are you worried that Facebook collects information about you, that you do not want other people on Facebook to get access to? If you are then you are in the right...
Owner of Facebook

Owner of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg Early Life | Facebook Launch

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook and he was born on May 14, 1984. He is an American internet entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder of Facebook and also co-founders of the solar sail...
Facebook Name Change

Facebook Name Change – Change Your Name on Facebook | Policy

"Facebook Name Change" Facebook is a community and people use names so that they can easily be found by friends and loved ones. Always know the person that you are chatting with keeps you...
Facebook Story

Facebook Story – Delete | Views | Video Lenght | Reaction | Comments

The Facebook Story is like another news feed but what differentiates it is that only photos and videos can be posted and filters and effects can be added to the photos and videos also....
Facebook Gameroom not Loading

Facebook Gameroom not Loading – Play Games on Facebook Gameroom

"Facebook Gameroom not Loading" Facebook Gameroom is a native application on your device that allows you to play a variety of both native and web games. You might be having issues of your Gameroom...
Facebook Gameroom won't Install

Facebook Gameroom won’t Install – Troubleshooting Tips | Download

"Facebook Gameroom won't Install" The Facebook Gameroom is a windows application that allows you to enjoy and play a variety of its games and other web games.  The app is only available on...
Facebook Gameroom not Working

Gameroom not Working – Reasons and Solutions | Troubleshoot

Have you seen any message on your device saying “Facebook Gameroom not working”?  This often happens on the PC. After noticing these issues, I thought I shout bring out some troubleshooting steps I tried...
Facebook for Desktop

Facebook for Desktop – Meet the New Facebook Log In | Sign Up |...

Facebook for Desktop is a social media app that allows you to log in to your Facebook account instead of using your browser. With this app, you would be able to get Facebook notifications....

Facebook – How to Create a Facebook Account | Facebook Pages | Groups

Facebook is user-friendly and open to everyone, it makes it simple for us to share photos, videos, status posts, text messages, and feelings online. Facebook is an entertaining site and also a regular daily...
Facebook Group Search Tool

Facebook Group Search Tool – US Facebook Groups | Group Search on Facebook

Have you ever used the Facebook group search tool in looking for a particular post? Have you tried searching for a post with a particular date? If no, you must read carefully and pay...