How to Remove Google Duo – Remove Google Duo App on PC | Why Uninstall Google Duo App

How to Remove Google Duo

Google Duo App has become one of the most popular apps by giving high-quality video and audio calls.  It’s said to be the choice of several users who are looking… Continue reading

Google play Google Duo – How to Install the Duo Mobile App | Google Play

Google play Google Duo

“Google play Google Duo” Google Duo is one of the numerous video chatting services and competitor to Apple’s Face Time. It is now on almost any mobile phones. However, before… Continue reading

Google Duo App for iPad – Download Google Duo | Answer a Google Duo App Call

Google Duo App for iPad

Google Duo App is now available on the iPad. Before, users could only install the Google Duo app on their small android devices, because these versions were not formatted properly for… Continue reading

Digital Marketing – Why Digital Marketing Matters | Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines and other mediums in reaching out to customers so as to enlighten them about your products… Continue reading

Duo vs Hangouts – Is Duo Really Better than Hangouts? | Free Video Calls

Duo vs Hangouts

Duo vs Hangouts, What do you really think. Google Hangouts was the first Google calling app that was created. This app was so awesome that people use it even for… Continue reading