CBA: One of the Most Powerful Australian Banks

Are you looking for a good bank to bank within Australia, I think you should try CBA bank which the full name is “commonwealth bank of Australia?” This bank is into business service, investments, student banking, home buying service. The CBA bank also has a credit card that can be used for traveling and shopping service.


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Everyday account for smart access. You have to open the account in three months before getting to Australia and if you arrived in Australia for the past three months. Once the account is opened online, you will be able to transfer money into starting from that moment.

The Features and Benefits of Everyday Account Smart Access

  • You do not need an Australia address to open the account.
  • “spend tracker” tracks your everyday spending within the “CommBank app.”
  • Get money in the CommBank app out of any CommBank ATM by using “cardless cash” the fee is free.
  • You can lock and block your debit Mastercard in CommBank app.
  • An everyday account of smart access for students. In the account before you arrive or after you arrive, you can open your account and also do what the everyday account smart access can do.

Features and Benefits

  • Get into student options for banking benefits and discounts.
  • You can also track your everyday spending with spend tracker in CommBank app as I said before.
  • Make use of cardless cash to get money out of any CommBank ATM fee is free on the CommBank app.

Fees and Rates Of CBA

  • For everyday account smart access. When an account is opened online and they will waive your account fees for the initial 12-month period. Then after, the fee will be waived if only the other exemption criteria are met. And the fee is $4 per month.
  • Everyday account for smart access for students. Your account fees are waived for the duration of your studies, by providing your present sufficient proof of study within the first 12 months of your account opening. The fee is $4 per month.

Withdrawal fees

  • Assisted withdrawals in a branch, agency or through telephone banking – $2.50 {waived for the first 12-month period for students}.
  • Cheques written by you and negotiated through the clearing system, excluding those cashed over the counter at a CommBank branch – $1.50 {waived for the first 12-month period for students}.

How to Apply On CBA

You can apply for online banking with commonwealth bank of Australia. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Open your web browser on your computer or mobile device.
  • Visit the website at
  • To log in, your account, enter your account details and click log on.
  • While if you want to create or register as a new costumer.
  • Scroll down and click register now.
  • Enter the following details and click next. Make sure you check all the steps carefully.
  • On the other page will appear, if there are other steps to follow do the same and click whatever link to continue your registration process.

CBA Costumer Service Contact

You can get in touch with commonwealth bank of Australia if you want to get any form of formation goes to their official website.

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