Citi Bank for More Successful Banking in the World

So many people as not know about the Citibank, Citibank is a financial multinational organization service and it was founded in the year 1812 as a city bank in New York and times go on it then now became first national city bank of new york. The Citibank has come up with a credit card, mortgages, personal loans and lines of credit.

Citi Bank

Citi Bank

The Citibank has a lot of branches in 19 countries around the world today and in all these branches the United States had up to 723 branches and 1,494 branches I Mexico and are being operated on by subsidiary of Mexico which is the Banamex. The U.S branches are being located in six different areas in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, District of Columbia {D.C} and Miami.

 As time goes on the Citibank then brought a Citicard to enable customers to perform a transaction without a passbook. The Citibank branches then brought out terminals that display customers basic account information without making use of bank teller. The bank then now enters into a credit card business in the year 1960s.

The Citibank is one of the first U.S banks that first bring up an automatic teller machine which is known as the {ATM} machine in the year 1970s to give customers 24 hours to get access to their cash. The Citibank later registered in an online banking in the year 1991 and the emails can only be used and other internet interactions.

Benefits of Citibank

  • Banking – you can sign on to Citibank online or as existing customers.
  • Everyday accounts – we have the Citibank plus, Citi global currency account and cash investment account.
  • Savings accounts – for online savers.
  • Term deposits – we have the Citibank term deposits and multi-currency term deposits.
  • Foreign currency accounts – you can apply has a foreign customer.
  • Calculators and tools – we have the compare all accounts, savings calculator, term deposit calculator, and the budget planner.

Type of Citibank Saving Account

  • Citibank savings account.
  • Citibank savings account for expatriates.
  • The Citibank Cuvidha salary account.
  • Citibank basic savings bank deposit account and small account.
  • Citibank senior account.
  • The Citibank junior account.

Citi Bank Online Account

Anyone who wishes to can easily open a savings account with Citibank either online or offline. To open Citi bank savings account online, follow the steps below;

How to Open a Citibank Savings Account Online

  • Lunch your browser
  • Visit the Citibank website
  • Click banking when the page is opened
  • Select the savings to account you want to open
  • Tap open a bank account
  • Enter your details like your name mobile number and the rest
  • Click I agree to the terms and conditions button
  • Then tap ‘call me’
  • A call would come in from the bank executives
  • You will need to visit the bank with your KYC documents for verification process
  • You will receive a notification message on his registered mobile number that the account is now active.

How to Open a Citibank Savings Account Offline

  • Go to any of the Citibank branch close to you
  • Make sure that you take all your required KYC documents along with you
  • Inform the bank executive that you want to open a savings account
  • Choose the savings account you want to open
  • Provide all the application form on that particular account
  • Provide your KYC documents – identity and address proof
  • You will be verified once you have submitted the application form and the KYC document
  • The bank will give you a notice when your savings account has been activated and also a welcome kit.

Documents Required For Opening Citibank Savings Account

  • You need proof of identity like Aadhaar card, passport, PAN and more
  • Proof of address like passport, voter’s ID, driver’s license and more
  • PAN card copy
  • Employment letter {if necessary}

This is all about the Citibank and the how you can open an online and offline savings account for more information go to the help center and thanks for your time.

Citi Bank Log In

You can log in to your online account from their official website at . All you have to do is provide your login detail and you are good to use your account online. You would also be able to perform some self-service for free. Some of these services include checking your account balance.

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