July 6, 2020

Cross Country Mortgage – Ohio | Chicago | Las Vegas | San Diego

Perhaps if you are following on mortgaging, you should have heard the name. Cross country mortgage by name cross country is a mortgaging company that offers a mortgage at extremely low prices. Cross country mortgage currently is ranked as one of the top ten mortgaging companies worldwide. However, if you intend to use this mortgage, some restrictions apply and you can call the platform help center to tell you more.

Cross Country Mortgage

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Cross Country Mortgage – Cross Country Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators are one very essential calculator that plays a big role in the mortgaging business. The reason for this is because you will, of course, want to calculate how much you will be paying back. You will want to calculate your monthly fee or your annual fee before applying for a mortgage. To use the cross country, mortgage calculators;

  • Make sure you have internet access. Once you have internet access, open your device web browser and seek this URL https://crosscountrymortgage.com/resource-center/mortgage-calculators/.
  • Pick a mortgage calculator and click on it from the page you are redirected to.
  • On the webpage, enter your own information based on the mortgage you want to calculate. Next, click on the monthly or annual tab to see your result.

Also if you have sharp eyes, you will notice that there are blue circular items with a question mark on them before very value you are asked to enter. You can simply click on those circles to get clues and hits (help) on what to do.

Apply for a Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage via the cross country mortgage platform is very easy. However, you to make sure you read the terms and conditions of the mortgage first. To apply;


  • Go to the official application form at https://crosscountrymortgage.com/get-pre-qualified/.
  • On the webpage, you will be taken through three series of steps. These steps are “Submit, Review and Pre-qualify”.
  • On the first step submit, enter correctly the information you are asked to provide and click on next.
  • Continue providing the information you are required to and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

That is it for applying for a mortgage at the on the platform. You can also find a loan officer. To do this click on the “find a loan officer” tab where ever you find it. However, you are likely to find this tab on almost every page.

Privacy Policy

Now, this is a big step you are about to take. Reading the privacy policy of the cross country mortgage has a lot of perks. Reading the privacy policy can really help you a lot. And it helps to tell you how everything you do on the site is managed and handled. To visit the privacy policy page of the cross country mortgaging website, all you have to do is seek this URL https://crosscountrymortgage.com/privacy-policy/. That is it.

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