Facebook Countdown Clock – How to Set Up Facebook Coundown Clock

Hey there, do you know there’s an exciting feature on Facebook that you must have heard about or don’t have an idea about? Facebook Countdown Clock is an application that helps to keep track of dates.

Facebook Countdown Clock

This article would help you understand more about Facebook Countdown Clock and how you can apply this application to your Facebook wall. All you have to do is sit back and read through as this article would give you a perfect guide.

Facebook Countdown Clock

Facebook keeps getting better and better each day. Now we can keep track of dates for birthdays, graduations, and other events.

Facebook Countdown Clock is an application that displays an image of a clock on your Facebook account wall. It comes down to a date such as birthdays, graduation, or sporting events you want to follow up.

Facebook gives you direct access to various third-party applications directly to your account. To be able to use a Countdown Clock on your Facebook page to keep track of your events is very much easy.

The application is free to use and doesn’t require a code or verification process. It also works with so many other social media platforms.

How to use Facebook Countdown Clock

To use the application is so much easy than you expect. It doesn’t cost anything and it doesn’t need a verification code. All you need is to ensure you have a Facebook account.

To use Facebook Countdown Clock all you have to do is;

  • Log in on your Facebook account and type Countdown Clock in the search bar on the page

Ensure to click on see more results for the Countdown Clock link which enables you to see the display in the drop-down lists.

  • Then you click on the apps link just at the left side of your screen to display all the applications that perform the task

Make sure to review the Countdown Clock applications such as Graduation Countdown Clock to enable you to find the one you want to use.

  • You’ll then click on the View app button just at the right corner to be able to access the page
  • Then you click on the info, walls, and reviews link on the left corner to get more information about the clock

After you’ve gone through the information and you’re ready you’ll have to

  • Click on the Add to my page link at the bottom left corner to enable installation

Make sure to follow the prompts to enable you to add the countdown feature to your account and access the application page that allows you to configure your clock.

  • Then you use the available menu to select your preferred design and enter a date you want to track
  • You then click the publish or post the link to proceed

Once you’ve done all of that you click on the profile link in the menu bar to enable you to see the Facebook Countdown Clock feature posted to your wall.

Now you can keep track of birthdays, graduation, and even your events without worry. It’s easy, fast, and amazing.


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