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I know so many people have been trying to download a Facebook dating app. But they get confused when trying to download the app. Facebook Dating Apps Download has become a regular topic trending on people’s lips. So many people keep wondering about what it is all about. However, this article will be discussing the Facebook Dating Apps Download and we will be stating out every fact you need to know.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

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Facebook Dating App Download Free

This is the downloading of the Facebook dating app to your device. So many people get a wrong understanding of this. But this article is here to correct their impression over what they think about the Facebook dating app. Given a second thought about the Facebook dating app that has helped people meet their soul mate just by downloading the app and creating a profile account, to be able to get a connection with those singles on the dating profile.

 Facebook has recently launched a new feature on its site, which is known to be its dating app. The dating app was launched to some few countries only like: Canada, US, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, etc. the main reasons Facebook launched the app is for those people in the countries the dating app has been launched in their country to be able to find their dream partners and soul mate. The Facebook dating app is so amazing and with the app, you can have so many wonderful moments of a lifetime. Before how to tell you how to download the Facebook Dating app, I want to tell you what Facebook Dating Profile is all about.

Facebook Dating Profile

Facebook Dating Profile is an online dating and this is a new platform that Facebook has launched. This dating platform allows you to connect with those you have the same interest with. When creating the Facebook dating profile you will be asked to include some things about you so that people will be able to see you. You have to include the following in when creating your dating profile, your age, gender, date of birth, height, likes, religion, and location so that people will be able to see you by using the dating search filters.

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Facebook Dating Features

Facebook has set up some features for those who have a dating profile to enjoy. The following is a list of features that Facebook has sets for us to enjoy. See the list below:

  • Secret Crush.
  • It connects and shares both your Facebook and Instagram stories.
  • Creating the dating profile makes it easy to find your soul mate.
  • If launched in your country it is easy for you to access the profile.
  • You are very safe when using the Facebook dating profile.
  • It gives you easy access to groups and sees people with similar interests.

These are the list of some of the features Facebook has in the dating profile. 

How to Download Facebook Dating App

Downloading the Facebook dating app is just like downloading the Facebook app. The dating app is a feature on Facebook. You can only access the dating profile when you have a Facebook account and the dating profile has been launched in your country. The following steps are how you can download the Facebook dating app. See steps below:

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  • On your mobile device open your Google play store or apple app store for those using the iOS device.
  • In the search bar, type in the word Facebook to start searching for it.
  • On the list that will appear tap on the first Facebook logo on the list.
  • To start downloading the app, you have to click on the “Install” button.
  • The app will start downloading.

Note: After downloading the app it will automatically install in your device. These are the steps to download the Facebook dating app. You are to create a Facebook account if you do not have any so that you will be able to access the Facebook dating profile.

How to Create a Facebook Account

To create a Facebook account can be easy only if you follow these steps below:

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Fill the form you will see on the displayed page.
  • Enter your name, mobile phone number or email, password, gender, and date of birth.
  • Click on sign-up.
  • To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your mobile phone number or email you used for registration.

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With these steps, you can create your Facebook account.

How to Access a Facebook Dating Profile

To start accessing the Facebook dating features you have to set up your Facebook dating profile which works like the normal profile. It allows you to connect and match with singles, engage in a chat conversation. If you have got the Facebook dating profile features on your app, you have to follow the steps below to access your profile. See the steps below:

  • Open the Facebook app and sign-in into your main Facebook account.
  • Go to the profile section.
  • On the top of your profile, you will see a shape in the form of a heart icon tap on the icon. Or tap on the three horizontal lines, scroll through the options to select “Dating’
  • You have to fill in your age, location, interests, gender, and add a picture of yourself.
  • Click on confirm to confirm the profile.

This will take you to the dating profile where you can see those wonderful beautiful singles looking for love.


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