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Are you searching for the keyword “Facebook Dating Egypt” with your browser? Or you are currently living in Egypt and want to know if your country is now included in the list of countries where the dating feature has been launched?

Every region that has not yet received the FB dating feature is still in anticipation of it. This may be due to reviews of the features which are seen by them. There have been different dating apps that are available on social media platforms but people are looking for the best thing to enjoy.

Facebook Dating Egypt

There might be some lapses that are associated with the numerous list of dating applications all over the world. It may be the same reason why the anticipation for the FB  dating feature is on the high side.

Facebook Dating Egypt

Egypt Is an African country which also means that if the dating feature lands in Egypt it has finally extended its reach to the African continent. The FB company is still mapping out strategies to launch the application in other regions.

In over forty countries all over the globe, the dating feature of the FB platform has already been launched. If your country is on the list that automatically means that the feature has been released in your location.

Different countries and regions are added to the Facebook dating platform. If the feature is showing unavailable any time you try to access the signup page, that means the Facebook dating feature has not been launched in that location.   

Is Facebook Dating Now Available Egypt?

From the list of countries that will be given below which is the current official list released by the Facebook management board, you can know if your country has the dating feature.

Countries, where the feature has been launched, are given below;

  • Argentina.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium.
  • Bolivia.
  • Brazil.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Canada.
  • Chile.
  • Colombia.
  • Croatia.
  • Cyprus.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Denmark.
  • Ecuador.
  • Estonia.
  • Finland.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • Guyana.
  • Hungary.
  • Italy.
  • Iceland.
  • Ireland.
  • Laos.
  • Liechtenstein.
  • Lithuania.
  • Luxembourg.
  • Malaysia.
  • Malta.
  • Mexico.
  • The Netherlands.
  • Norway.
  • Paraguay.
  • Peru.
  • Poland.
  • Portugal.
  • Philippines.
  • Singapore.
  • Slovakia.
  • Slovenia.
  • Suriname.
  • Thailand.
  • United Kingdom.
  • The United States.
  • Uruguay.
  • Vietnam.

From the list of countries that are given above,  it is clear that EGYPT is not included. To make it more realistic and official you can navigate to www.facebook.com/dating sign up

Dating Apps In Egypt

The fact that the Facebook dating feature has not been launched in Egypt does not mean that the country does not have other dating apps. There are stipulated apps that are recognized for dating in Egypt.

The swiping culture is one of the popular apps in Egypt as of when the platform was newly launched in 2017. It has been a potential advantage for singles to find the love of their lives. This swiping culture was founded by Sameh Saleh. Another example of dating apps in Egypt is the harmonica.

Best Dating Apps

If you need someone you can always meet forever then you can sign up for online dating with any of the top best lists that will be given below. Some of the best dating apps you can  use if you  want to sign up for a dating profile are;

  • Facebook.
  • Tinder.
  • Bumble.
  • Plenty of fish.
  • MeetMe.
  • Happy.
  • Grindr.
  • Coffee meets bagel.
  • Lumen.
  • Ship.
  • Hinge.

You can create any dating account using any of the following apps. As for the Facebook Dating app, you will need to check the list of countries above to confirm if the feature has been launched in your country.

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