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Facebook Dating Not Showing Up has a reason behind it. In this article, we will be discussing why the Facebook Dating Not Showing, and I will want you to read this article to the end so that you will be able to know the reason why Facebook Dating Not Showing Up.

Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

Facebook Dating is Not Showing Up is because it has not been launched in your country or Facebook dating is not available in your country for you to use the Dating profile. The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced the new platform Facebook Dating at the Developer Conference in May 2018 but it was launched in Colombia in September 2018. The new Dating platform was tested and it was successful and it is free for those Facebook users in Colombia to use. It was later launched to different countries across Asia, South America, and North America.

If you are wondering why Facebook Dating is not showing up in your Facebook app it is because the Dating feature is not yet available in all locations yet but just a few countries. For you to know if the Facebook Dating is available in your country you will see a shape in the form of a heart on the top of your main Facebook account profile. But if you do not see the shape of a heart it means Facebook dating is not yet available in your country or location.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating has launched a new feature on its site, which is known to be its Facebook dating profile. The Facebook dating was launched to some few countries only like: Brazil, US,  Canada, Argentina, Chile, etc. there is a reason why Facebook has launched the profile for those people in the countries that have the dating profile launched in their country to be able to find their dream partners and soul mate. Facebook dating is so amazing and with the dating profile, you can have so many wonderful moments of a lifetime.

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Facebook Dating App

The Facebook Dating App allows you to find your dream partner on the Facebook dating app that has been launched. You can access the dating profile through the Facebook app or through the Facebook website. The app is not yet available in all countries, but recently it was released in some countries. It is available in only 20 countries and only Facebook users in these locations can get access to the dating profile. To get access to the Facebook dating profile you have to set up your dating profile to be able to connect with single ladies on the Facebook Dating Profile.

Facebook Dating Profile

The Facebook Dating Profile is an online dating feature on Facebook that was recently launched on its Facebook platform. This dating platform allows you to connect with people with the same interests and matching you to the right woman or man of your dream so that you can get married to him or her. When creating the Facebook dating profile you will be asked to include some things about you so that people will be able to see you. You have to include the following in when creating your dating profile, gender, your age,  date of birth, likes, religion, height,  and location so that people will be able to see you by using the dating search filters.

Facebook Dating App Download

Facebook Dating app download is the process of downloading the Facebook dating app to your device. One thing you need to know is that Facebook dating does not have its own dating app but you can access the Facebook dating profile through the Facebook app or website.

How to Download Facebook App

Downloading the Facebook Dating App is really a nice thing because it will help you find your dream partner you want to get married to. To download the Facebook App is very easy; you can follow the steps I will be showing you to be able to download the Facebook dating app. See steps below:

  • On your mobile phone locate “Settings”.
  • Locate the “allow installation from third-party sites” and click on it.
  • Now go back to your device menu and click on Google play store.
  • On the Google play store app. Type in Facebook dating in the search bar to start searching.
  • A list of different Facebook dating apps will appear.
  • Click on the first one on the list to open the app.
  • On the opened app locate the download button and click on it to start downloading.
  • The app will automatically install when it has finished downloading.

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These are the steps on how to download the Facebook Dating App.

How to Access Facebook Dating Profile

Accessing the Facebook dating profile as to do with setting up your Facebook dating profile, this works like the normal profile. The Facebook Dating profile allows you to connect and match with singles and engage in a chat conversation. If you have got the Facebook dating profile features on your app, you have to follow the steps below to access your profile. See the steps below:

  • Open the Facebook app and sign-in into your main Facebook account.
  • Go to the profile section.
  • On the top of your profile, you will see a shape in form of a heart icon tap on the icon. Or tap on the three horizontal lines, scroll through the options to select “Dating’.
  • You have to fill in your age, location, interests, gender, and add a picture of yourself.
  • Click on confirm to confirm the profile.

This will take you to the dating profile where you can see those wonderful beautiful singles looking for love.

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