Facebook Dating Profiles – Dating on Facebook App Free | Facebook Dating Site Online

Do you have Facebook Dating Profiles yet? If no and you wish to have one but don’t know how to get it. Then you’ve clicked on the right post.

All you got to do is read on and make sure that you already have an account with Facebook. Yes, it is a dating service, however, it is within Facebook, so you need an account to access and use it.

Facebook Dating Profile - Dating on Facebook App Free | Facebook Dating Site Online

Facebook Dating Profiles is very easy and fast to get as long as you’ve got an account. And you’re 18 years and above using the Dating Facebook App. If you’ve been finding the process quite hard to handle, then read on.

Facebook Dating Profiles

Facebook Dating Profiles is accessed into the dating within Facebook service. With your profile, you get to meet other singles on the platform that are ready to mingle and meet their potential match.

You get matched with people that share or have the same interests as you. Yes, we’ll be talking about how you can set up your profile. What is dating on Facebook? Is there an app for Facebook dating? Is Facebook dating free to use?

Dating in Facebook

Dating on Facebook is a feature that was added to social networking media in 2018. And since then, it’s been massive. Users have been giving it great and positive reviews. It is free to use and also creating a profile is simple and free as well.

Dating in Facebook is also known as the Facebook dating app. Is there an app for Facebook Dating apps? Well, the answer is no. There’s no official app for the dating service and that’s because it is a feature within the platform.

Facebook Dating App Download

Do I need to download an app to use Facebook Dating? Well, it depends on the app you want to download. There’s no official dating app that needs to be downloaded to use the service. However, you need to download the updated Facebook app into your Android. Or iOS if you don’t have it already.

With that said, if your Facebook app is up to date because you can access dating on Facebook with the updated app. If the Facebook app is not, then go to the app store on the device and get the app. Facebook Dating Profile.

Facebook Dating Site Online

For those of you that are asking if the app or feature is free to use, then you have the answer. Yes, dating with Facebook is free for all singles to use. So that means, you don’t have to pay to use it.

How to Set up Dating Profile

As I said earlier, the process of getting or setting up a dating profile on Facebook is very easy to do. How do I set up my dating profile? Oh well, follow the instructions below;

  • Tap on the horizontal lines at the top right or bottom right side of your account feed from the account once you’re logged in.
  • Now tap on the “Dating” icon to opt-in.
  • Start setting up your profile by entering your height, religion, education, degrees, job title, etc.
  • Use the recommendations or suggestions that will be made to complete the dating profile that you want to set up.

Just like your Facebook dating profile will be set up for you to use and meet the love of your life. Facebook Dating Profile.


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