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Have you heard of the Facebook dating set up? What does it seem like to you? All these and more is what I will be detailing about in this article. So I urge you to read on to the end of this article to get the complete information.

Facebook Dating Set Up

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If you are a single lady or man you should get geared up with all excitement. Because Facebook has just launched something nice for those of us that are single. This is called the Facebook dating app.

For those of us that have found it hard with online relationships, this is another opportunity that been given to us by Facebook to finally find and see love and dating. So below in this article is that you need to know about it.

Facebook Dating Set Up

It is now official. Facebook has made dating on their app an official something. So you don’t need to worry about joining multiple groups and pages, although they are not bad. But why join a group chat when you can join the app itself.

With the Facebook dating set up, you will find it easier to get the love you have been searching for. You can now easily find someone that likes you, share the same interest with you, and make you feel happy.

Facebook has noticed the high rate at which people are using the app to search for relationships. People join various dating and relationship groups and pages every day. And that’s what Facebook has considered before making this dating app set up.  All you have to is make sure you have a Facebook account and you are 18 and above of age.

Facebook Dating New Feature

Now you know that you can find fellow singles like you and date and form a relationship. But what actually makes this Facebook dating set up wonderful? There are some features that will make you want to sign up for it.

One of which is the fact that you can add up secret crush to your list. Everyone on the media apps has someone they are secretly crushing on. Facebook dating gives you the chance to add yours to your list. The secret crush list is a feature that allows you to be able to add up to nine of your crushes from Instagram and Facebook to your list. Once you have done this, they will receive a notification that someone has a crush on them and can opt to add you to theirs also. If they add you to their Facebook will automatically match both of you together.  But if they are not on the dating set up or doesn’t create a secret crush list, they won’t get any notification from you.

Another feature of the app is that it gives you a lot of privacy. It gives you privacy in the sense that whatever happens in your dating account won’t be shared with your main and the rest Facebook account. Some people believe that finding and keeping a romantic relationship should be personal, and that is why Facebook has built a safe, secure, and well private dating platform for its users. You have the right to block and report anyone trespassing into your messages. If they are sending numerous videos, links, and photos to you, then you have every right to block them.

One other feature of the Facebook dating app set up is that you can be able to share your Instagram stories, post, and experience with your Facebook dating account and profile. These are some of the many benefits and features that come with the Facebook dating app set up.

Facebook Dating App Download Free

Where can you get the Facebook app set to download? If you are worried about it, then don’t do it anymore. Because here in this article you will know where to get the Facebook dating app.

The Facebook dating app feature is already a feature that is part of the Facebook app itself. So you don’t need to worry yourself about trying to download another separate app. is built-in inside the Facebook app and it is one of the category lists you will see when you click on the menu. It has a “red heart symbol or icon” on the menu category list.

If you can’t find it there is simply because you are using the older version of Facebook. All you have to do is that you will update your Facebook version to the latest version and you will be able to find it.

Facebook Dating App Near Me

With the Facebook dating app set up, you can meet up with single people near you. With the help of Facebook, they will use your location as an instrument to bring people who are very close to you near you.

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Since its launch, the Facebook dating app has only been made available in some countries. Some of the countries include The USA, Suriname, Argentina, Singapore, Bolivia, The Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Canada, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Malaysia, Ecuador, and Laos. So if your location is not listed above, you won’t be able to use the Facebook app for now.

Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up your Facebook dating profile is very easy. it is as easy as ABC. Like I said earlier all you have to is have the updated version of the Facebook app. below on this page is the steps to follow to create your Facebook dating account.

  • First, go to your Facebook app and login into your Facebook account
  • On the homepage of your Facebook account, click on the menu icon with three horizontal lines at the top right corner.
  • Click on the dating app with the red heart Symbol or icon.
  • It will take you to a place where you will be asked to create your dating profile
  • Fill in your location, gender, date of birth, and all the information required from you.
  • Click on confirm to create your account.

After all of these have been done, Facebook will automatically create your account and you can now start looking for people to start a relationship with.



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