Facebook for Singles – Calling Out Facebook Singles to Explore Dating


Do you know that you can use Facebook to meet singles? Oh wow, really? Yes, really Facebook for singles is available.

The platform is the biggest and well-known social media that is widely used by billions of users from all around the world. And it is free for all to use. That is to say, all you need is a Facebook account.

Facebook for Singles

Facebook has a dating app or feature instead that you can use for meeting new people. You can also use dating groups to meet singles.

The fun thing about groups is that you can also create your own dating group and meet singles. Read on to learn more about Facebook for Singles using dating features and joining groups.

Facebook for Singles

Facebook for Singles is the space where singles meet and mingle with each other. In this space, you could meet your significant other if you’re ready to mingle.

If you use a Facebook group, then all you need is your Facebook profile. But to use the dating feature, you need to create a dating profile separate from your account but within the account. So, let’s dive in to know more. 

Facebook Dating Group

There are plenty of dating groups that you can on Facebook but you need to create an account first. Creating a Facebook account is very easy and fast to do. Joining groups are easy and you can join following the instructions below;

  • Login to your Facebook account and use the Groups section.
  • Use the search and type in “Dating Groups”.
  • Select the group that you’d like to join from the ones that will be shown or simply tap on “Join”.

Have in mind that most groups have questions, so answer and submit. You might be added immediately or the moderator or admin will review your application before accepting you. 

Once you have been accepted into the group, you can start interacting, posting your pictures and interesting topics for discussion.

Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is a feature that was added to the platform for users who are 18 and above and single-use to meet others. It is simple and fast to use. You need to create a dating profile to use it and also don’t need to download a separate app to use a dating app or features. 

Facebook is a dating app that is built for singles on the platform to meet and mingle with singles from different locations. It is actually one of the best dating services that you can use now. However, it has not to be made worldwide for users. 

Facebook Dating Profile Set Up

Setting a dating profile is easy and fast to do. All you have to do is to follow the steps below;

  • The “Dating” button will appear in your account when you launch the updated Facebook app.
  • Tap on and opt into Facebook dating.
  • Now, start by filling in some personal details about yourself such as your height, religion, education, degrees, job title, and others.
  • Facebook will suggest and set up pictures and collect some other information such as name and age to create your new Dating profile.

There you go, the dating account will be on now. Now you can start using Facebook for Singles.

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