Facebook Messenger Ads Guide – Messenger Ads on Facebook

By | July 10, 2019

So many people don’t know about Facebook Messenger Ads Guide, what they only about are the facebook Ads guide. Facebook also has Ads guide just like facebook. The facebook messenger Ads guide works just like the way the facebook Ads works. Messenger Ads are Ads that display on the home page of the messenger. Lots of users spend their time on messenger interacting and also conducting commerce with businesses and brands they love. With messenger Ads, you have the opportunity to discover experiences directly from your home page on messenger.

Facebook Messenger Ads Guide

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is the chat room for facebook. If you do not have the messenger on your device you can’t reply chats or send someone message on facebook. So, in other, for you to be able to reply chat or send messages you have to download the messenger app to your device first. Messenger reduces the level of data usage. You can also video and voice chat your friends on messenger.

Types of Facebook Messenger Ads

We have two main types of messenger Ads; we have the sponsored messages and the click-to-messenger Ads. Let look into these two main messenger Ads more popular.

Sponsored Messages

The sponsored messages are the most common facebook messenger Ad-type which displays on a user’s messenger chatbox. It can be also retargeted, making it high for sending warm leads reminder of advertisements, news, and other specific promotions.

Click to Messenger Ads

While the click to messenger Ads is the standard ads of facebook that appear on the facebook news feed or home page. The logic about it is that it includes a call to action which is “CTA” what opens the messenger dialogue.

How to Create Facebook Messenger Ads?

After reading this article, you will want to know how you can create Ads on facebook messenger. The thing is that you can’t create Ads using your facebook messenger, the only way you can create it is through the main facebook itself, with the Ads manager page on your facebook. This is how it goes if you want to know how you can create your messenger Ads. Facebook Messenger Ads guide tells you what you need to do when it comes to facebook messenger Ads. You cannot be a facebook user if you do not have an account on Facebook, so quickly go to this website www.facebook.com to create your facebook account before accessing the step below. Here is the facebook messenger Ads guide for it.

  • Log into your Facebook account and after that click on the create button at the top of your screen.
  • Then click on “ad” you will be directed to the manager Ads page.
  • Then select the messenger Ad type.
  • Proceed by defining your audience.
  • Choose your Ad placements.
  • Set up your budget and schedule.
  • Launch your Ad after creating it.
  • Lastly, optimize your Ad and monitor it.

With these steps, you can set up your Facebook messenger Ads so fast and easy.

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