Facebook New Year Avatar – Express Yourself with Facebook Avatar

The new year is upon us, and all Facebook Users who haven’t equipped their Avatar for the approaching holiday season are missing out on a lot. What is Facebook New Year’s Avatar? The Facebook New Year’s Avatar is your regular avatar but with some touch of New Year’s Design and dress.

Facebook New Year Avatar

Facebook has built the avatar feature and has placed a lot of interesting new dresses and designs for every holiday. If you regularly follow up and check the avatar section, then you should have enjoyed playing with all the interesting newly added features that the avatar gets updated with.

Express Yourself with Facebook Avatar

Unlike when the avatar was originally launched, there are tons of jaw-dropping things on the platform now. Facebook has made posting with your avatar a lot easier and more fun. When you head into the avatar page, you will find sections like:

  • Try Avatar emoji
  • Make Post Fun and colorful
  • Try New Outfits
  • Browse all stickers
  • Make a profile picture

The best part of using an avatar is the way your designed avatar is integrated into the post you want to make and the way it interacts with the cartoonish environment Facebook designed for it. And for this holiday, something Nice is waiting for you in the avatar section, just head over there and mess with it.

Facebook New Year Avatar

If you want a Facebook Avatar New Year’s Makeover, then be prepared because you will be in for a lot of fun designs. To kick off the designing process, first, you need to access the avatar section which you should already know how to do if you have an avatar already.

Anyways to access Avatar, launch the Facebook app, and click on the menu icon at the top left section of the page. On the menu, if you can find the avatar icon, click on “more”, there you should find the avatar app. Click on it and you are in.

Now to blend your avatar to the new year’s holiday, there are several things you can do. They include trying new outfits, making a profile Picture, and making posts fun and colorful. With these three, you should be able to get the festive spirit to your Facebook account.

Make Post Fun and Colorful

This is one of the easiest ways to get your Avatar into the festive spirit. Once you open the page and click on “Make Post Fun and Colorful,” you should see some already-designed post frames for your avatar. Just like making a regular post, you get to add text to the avatar post.

So, you can select a great avatar template add a new year-related text, and then post it. Some of the templates are great for celebrating the holiday, and you even get to select a pose for your avatar on the Template.

Try New Outfits

This is one of the best sections that screams New Year, especially with what Facebook did. When you Open the “Try new outfit” section, you should find a collection with the name “Ring in the New Year.”

This section is created to showcase the New Year’s celebration. There you would find some flashy outfits, corporate wear, and great clothes for your avatar to try out. Although some of the outfits there cost some money, there are others there that you can use for free.

You can also Navigate the other clothing sections of the “Try new outfit” sections, just to get your avatar on some great clothing for the holiday. There are tons of great free clothes, shoes, earrings, and piercings for your avatar to try out, and there are great designs that you can pay for if you are a fan of the merchant and Avatar designs.

Make a Profile Picture

Once you have your avatar in a beautiful and well-designed Holiday clothing of your choice, to make the new year official on Facebook using your avatar, make the Avatar your profile picture. To do this follow the steps stated below.

  • On the Avatar Page, click on “Make a Profile Picture” or you can click on your profile instead and click Profile Picture to change it
  • Once you are on the page to select your avatar, you will be presented with different poses
  • Select one of the poses you would like to use
  • Then select a background from the designed background Facebook has for you
  • If you prefer color, you can make use of a color for the background
  • And finally, click on “Save”

And with this, your avatar is set for the New Year. You can also edit your cover photo, and since cover photos are bigger than profile pictures, you get to make use of a much better New Year background for your avatar. There are great options made for you by Facebook, just select the pose and the background you want and save it as your Cover photo. And that’s it.

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