Facebook Portal Go Review – The Perfectly Portable Smart Display

Are you searching for a Facebook portal review? Facebook introduced a news portal, which is a video communication device from Facebook. It is a smart display device that is similar to the Amazon echo show.

Facebook portals are devices that are designed to look like digital photo frames. In this article, we are going to find out more on the Facebook portal go review it. If you would love to find out you should continue reading this article.

Facebook Portal Go Review
Facebook Portal Go Review

Facebook Portal Go Review

The Facebook portal is a photo frame that sits in your home like a beautiful and intelligent display until the time comes to place or receive a call. It is focused more on video calling and putting people at the center.

Facebook’s hope is that the portal range of smart displays will help connect more people in your life more easily. The main of the Facebook portal is to make video calls easier and to have a better experience.

When you want to call your friends on messenger or WhatsApp you can use the Facebook portal. Calls can be made to and from phones and tablets. It also supports group calls of up to seven people at the same time.

Facebook Portal Go

The Facebook Portal Go is a device designed for video calling that you can easily move around your home, and for that specific task, the Portal Go works perfectly. By testing the gadget, you will be able to use the Portal Go to call friends and family through Messenger and WhatsApp.

The Portal Go would ring if you are called, and you will be able to accept by touching the screen. You can also initiate calls by searching for your friends on the device.

Why Is Facebook Portal Bad?

The truth is Portal is spyware, plain and simple. Their ad saying “you are in control” is a farce. Facebook is offering to put their spyware Portal in your home so they can listen, watch, and monitor virtually everything you are doing and saying.

Facebook already does that with your devices. My biggest complaint about the Portal Go is the fact that it’s made by Facebook. It’s very difficult to trust Facebook with a device that has a camera and microphones in your home.

The Portal has a cover that you can slide over its camera whenever it’s not in use, and you can also press a button that will electronically turn off its camera and microphones. But that doesn’t change the fact that Facebook made the device, and time after time, Facebook has violated its users’ trust.


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