Facebook Valentine Avatar 2022 – Facebook Dating Valentine – Get a Val on Facebook Dating

“Facebook Valentine Avatar 2022”, Facebook is no doubt the biggest and best social media that has billions of users from across the globe. And that is due to its great services that are offered on the platform.

Now, being a widely used platform allows it to take special events seriously such as Christmas, new year, valentine, and many others.

Facebook Valentine Avatar 2021

Of course, after the new year celebrations come to Valentine and we are in the month of love which is the reason for this Facebook Valentine Avatar 2022 article. Want to know more and how to celebrate Valentine’s on Facebook using Facebook Avatar.

Facebook Valentine Avatar 2022

Valentine’s day celebration is never complete without sharing and receiving gifts. And Facebook is a global platform that has a great tool that can be used to celebrate Valentine.

This Facebook avatar article is for all those that are still not familiar with the avatar feature on FB. Now, before we move on to how you can create your valentine avatar 2022, let’s understand Facebook avatar is.

Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar is a feature that was added to the platform that allows users to create a cartoon versions of themselves. It actually allows you to create whatever you want, so you can create something out of the ordinary if you want.

Avatar on Fb is a great way to express what you feel at that particular moment, so that actually makes it the perfect feature for this Valentine period. So now, you can decide to create something that is unique for that significant other in your life

Facebook Avatar App

Avatar app on Fb is free and can be accessed on the newly updated apps. And also, you need to be a Facebook user, which means you need to have an existing account already. Well, if you don’t have an account, you can create an account now.

Using this awesome avatar feature to celebrate Valentine’s and make that person feel special is great. You can create a character you want. 

How to Create My Facebook Valentine Avatar

With Valentine fast approaching, you should be thinking of ways to make your significant other special. Facebook is actually making it easy with the Valentine avatar designs and looks that have been added. Now, all that is left is to create your avatar. Follow below to do so;

  • Launch Facebook on your smartphone
  • Tap on the menu option and then scroll below and select the “See More” option.
  • To proceed with the character creation, tap on “Avatar”.
  • Now, start selecting and editing the necessary looks you want for your avatar, such as 
  • A hairstyle, facial shape, eye shape, nose shape, mouth shape, Body tone, glasses (accessories), and then facial hair which is your choice to make
  • Now move to the clothing and select an outfit. Well, since it’s Valentine and red is the color or the period or day, you can choose the color “Red”.

There you go, now you can use your valentine avatar to create a post relating to valentine and make use of the designs.


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