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Have you heard of Facebook WIFI? Do you know that with Facebook WIFI you can promote your business? Do you know that while giving out free WIFI you can promote your own Facebook page. Get new shares and social recommendations from your customers? If you continue reading this article you will find out more about this topic.

Facebook WIFI - Facebook WIFI Business | Facebook WIFI Express

According to Facebook, the average user has 130 friends who can also see your business once their friend shares your page on their newsfeed or story. It means depending on the number of fans you have. Plus the number of friends they have your content could get wide viral syndication.

Facebook WIFI

With Facebook WIFI you can connect your business directly with social profiles. And anonymous guests will become real people. Users will be able to get access to their profiles including their email and name etc. You can use these profiles later for marketing purposes. These data will be automatically imported to your favorite newsletter software.

After connecting to your WIFI network your customers will be forwarded to your own splash page. Based on your setup they will have to check in to your place before they can use the internet for free. And they will be able to share it with their friends who appear on their walls. Users don’t need to set up a password and spell it for their customers.

Facebook WIFI Express

Anyone can access the Facebook WIFI express network by signing up on the Go. Or through an Express WIFI retailer. And purchasing a daily, weekly, or monthly data pack at an extremely affordable price. You can then be able to connect to the Express WIFI hotspot across the above towns.

Facebook Wi-Fi Router

Routers are devices that allow parties to use WIFI connection over an extended area or geographical location. While Facebook WIFI routers are routers with a proper configuration over Facebook. Which are used by business or company to avail their Facebook credentials in other to check into business.

If you have a business with a physical location you can set up this process. To get more customers to connect to your business

Facebook WIFI Business

If you have a business with a physical location you can set up Facebook WIFI to get more customers to connect to your business. You can turn your business into a WIFI hotspot. Customers can simply check in your location on the app to connect to free WIFI.

You can reach more people through this platform business. When customers check in to use your WIFI their friends will discover your business. By seeing the story in their newsfeed. And after they have checked in people will be asked if they like your page. With that, you can continue to connect with them on Facebook.

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