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By | March 26, 2019

FCMB standing for First city Monument bank PLC is a fully functional banking group with its headquarters located in Lagos. First city monument bank is a unique bank that is very easy to open; all you need to open an account with them is a passport, a mobile number and your address. That’s easy right. FCMB bank is aimed at [providing a good banking system for its users that what they merged with Fin Bank. So in total FCMB bank now have about a three hundred and ten branches across Nigeria.


If you are interested in opening an account with FCMB from the comfort of your home using your PC or mobile phone then keep reading this article. FCMB bank has made banking a great success with their easy to use apps and software’s.The simplicity of their mobile app is remarkable and very captivating that they are even striving to be the best banking provider around Africa. All transactions and other things that you would normally go to the bank to do have been simplified by first city monument bank internet banking and their mobile apps.

Introducing The First City Monument Internet Banking

Do you have an account with FCMB bank and wondering how you can set up internet banking for your account, it is easy because the first city monument internet banking is a very easy website to use, the structure is a very simple one, follow these steps to set up internet banking for your account right from your home

How to Set Up FCMB Internet Banking

  • From your mobile browser navigate to https://ibank.fcmb.com/RegistrationUI.aspx or just hit the link.
  • Now fill the application form which requires your mobile number, account name, account number and email address.
  • Next choose your desired log in name
  • Now fill in the information on your card in the provided space on the web and click on the submit button

That’s it, your first city monument internet banking has just been set up, but note that you have to fill in the right information on your card to enable you view your account balance.

Introducing the first city monument bank mobile app

This app allows you to make transactions with your mobile phone and the good thing is that it does not use much data. Read further for information on how to get, install and register the app

How to Download, Install And Register The App

  • Download the mobile app using this link http://www.firstcitygroup.com/ or search for it in your device mobile store
  • Now fill the application form and submit it to any FCMB branch or download the online installation file
  • Install the mobile app and continue
  • Check your mail box to get your registration details which you will later use to register the app
  • Once your registration has been confirmed you will get a message to your mobile number confirming that your account is now syncing

For more information about any of their services, you can call their customer care at 070032682265.

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