How to Open First Bank Domiciliary Account Free

The first bank is a financial institution that is loved by many people. The incoming customers are always thrilled with the idea of having a good customer care service that is calm, patient and reasonable. They have many products and services to offer but you cannot get access to these services until you have an account with them.

First Bank Domiciliary Account

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First Bank Domiciliary Account

In this article, we will talk about the domiciliary account. But first we should talk about the first bank product and services; the first bank is one of the most capitalized banking groups in Nigeria. It is very good we know what to expect from the bank when we own an account with them. The products and services are listed below;

Personal Banking Services

These are the best services for a person willing to open an individual account, the personal banking service is for all those who wish to open a private account or an account to receive funds. The personal banking services are as follows; personal accounts, loans and mortgages, different ways of banking like mobile banking and internet banking, banking cards like debit and credit cards, applications, payment solutions, diaspora banking, fixed deposit, premium banking, and money transfer services.

Business Banking

This account type is for those who wish to open an account for their business, with this account they are qualified to different categories of benefits. The banking services are account opening sessions, loans, agricultural finance, e-solutions, mortgages, payment solutions, and customer care.

Private Banking

The private banking is one of the many ways with which you can get leverage on strength, dependability and the tradition of the first bank.

Account Opening

They offer a different kind of account opening options which are the current accounts, savings account, domiciliary account, fixed deposit account, diaspora banking, forms and the back to the school account.

There are also different types of accounts, but let’s talk about the domiciliary account. Of course, you know what a domiciliary account is. a domiciliary account is an account that deals on foreign currency, this account is used to receive and send funds outside the country. Opening a domiciliary account with the first bank is very easy, but you need to have the necessary requirements. The first bank offers two types of domiciliary account; these accounts are the FirstDom plus domiciliary account and the regular domiciliary account.

First Dom domiciliary account

The first Dom domiciliary account has no limit to the withdrawals you can make per month, with a guaranteed FCY deposit. There are also other benefits, but you would see them when you get to any of the first bank branches or the application page. What are the requirements for opening a first Dom domiciliary account, they are as follows;

  • Two recent passport
  • Means of identification
  • Utility bill that is not more than three months old.

Regular Domiciliary Account

This account also comes with benefits, these benefits you would see when you want to apply, there are also no limits to withdrawal and there are also some groups of requirements. These requirements you would see when you decide to apply. To open this account, kindly visit any of the first bank branches closer to you.

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