Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 May


You should know Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 May. We have simply compiled a list of every excellent film available on Plex in the month of May. May is packed with intriguing and captivating film releases, all of which will be made available on Plex for your enjoyment and fulfillment.

Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 May
Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 May

15 Good Movies on Plex to Watch this 2023 May

There are many entertaining movies available on Plex that will make your month a lot more enjoyable. May 2023 is already here. The top movies available on Plex in May are listed below for your viewing pleasure.

After Yang

Jake looks for a solution to fix Yang, the cherished companion of his small daughter, once it breaks down. As he rekindles his relationship with his wife and kid, Jake also learns about the life that came before him.


The military hires a language expert to determine whether the aliens are a threat or come in peace. The award-winning novella Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang, which was released in 1998, served as the basis for the film Arrival.

The Big Wedding is One of the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this May

Long-divorced Don and Ellie Griffin are obliged to play the happy couple in order to avoid an unpleasant scenario when their adopted son’s ultraconservative biological mother decides to travel in for the young man’s wedding. One of the top films on Plex this month.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Two girls who get left behind at their boarding school over winter vacation in this horror film must fight a shadowy demonic power.

The Green Knight

The brazen nephew of King Arthur sets off on a perilous journey to face the Green Knight, a shadowy giant who emerges at Camelot. He embarks on a perilous journey to prove himself to his family and the court.

One for the money is Among the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this May

Stephanie, who is in need of money badly, persuades her cousin to hire her as a recovery agent for his bail-bond business. She makes up for her lack of expertise with moxie, and she plans to bring in her cousin’s largest bail jumper.

Open Water

A couple on vacation finds themselves trapped in the middle of the ocean and at the mercy of a school of circling sharks after being inadvertently left behind by the boat crew. It is also one of the top movies on Plex for May.

Mr. Church

This is the tale of a cook who was employed by someone to care for Charlie’s mother before her death from cancer. Mr. Church ends up developing into a reliable family member.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is One of the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this May

A teen named Charlie who writes to an unknown pal is played by Logan Lerman. These letters ultimately have an impact on how he manages his childhood post-traumatic stress disorder as well as his time in school.

The Power of One

Through his boxing prowess, an English child who was living in Africa during World War II became a symbol of optimism in a time of war.

We summon the Darkness

It’s a horror film. During a road journey to a heavy metal concert, three of their closest friends make friends with three aspiring musicians before going to one of the girls’ country homes for an after-party. This is also among the top movies to stream on Plex in May.

Stir of Echoes is Among the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this May

Tom Witzky dismisses the paranormal but later allows his wife’s sister to hypnotize him. After waking up, Tom discovers he has a telepathic connection with his son Jake and hallucinations of Samantha, a missing adolescent neighbor.

Rhapsody of Love

In this uplifting romantic comedy, a wedding photographer and event designer encounter one another, and sparks fly as romance, business, and life collide.


A sexist children’s book author is the focus of the romantic comedy. Who, in place of his sole buddy and longtime partner, is made to collaborate closely with a female illustrator?

Minari is One of the Good Movies on Plex to Watch this May

In search of their own American Dream, a Korean-American family relocates to a small farm in Arkansas. With the advent of their cunning, foul-mouthed, but very devoted grandmother, the family home undergoes a total transformation. On the list of top movies to stream on Plex in May without a doubt.


In the month of May, Plex has a ton of entertaining and engaging films playing. We wish you happiness and success in your search for the ideal people.


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