Greyhound: Official Trailer, Review and How to Watch/Download for Free

Greyhound is an American war film that is directed by Aaron Schneider and stars Tom Hanks who also wrote the screenplay of this film. This war movie is based on the 1955 novel “The Good Shepherd” by C. S. Forester.

The platform of the film follows a commander of the US Navy on his first wartime assignment in command of a multinational escort group that is defending a merchant ship convoy under attack by the submarines in early 1942 during of Battle of the Atlantic.


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Several months after the U.S. entry into World War II, an inexperienced U.S. Navy commander must lead an Allied convoy being stalked by a German submarine wolf pack. Watch and find out how it all unfolds.

Greyhound Storyline

Based upon the old novel titled “The Good Shepherd” by C. S. Forester, Greyhound is the thrilling story of an Allied convoy crossing the North Atlantic in 1942 as it faces relentless attack by a German submarine wolf pack. The leader of the convoy’s destroyer screen is a US Navy commander making his first crossing of the Atlantic.

The story focuses on his command responsibility as he fights the cold, the relentless night, the brutal sea, and his deep fatigue as he chases down the attacking submarines in the deadly game of cat and mouse.

The exciting story, a thrilling ride-along with the beleaguered captain, so deeply portrays the elements of battle command that for a long period of time the book was used as a text at the US Naval Academy.

Release Date

Greyhound was released on July 10, 2020 (United States).

Official Trailer

You can watch the Greyhound official trailer Here.


  • Tom Hanks as Commander Ernest Krause.
  • Stephen Graham as Lieutenant Commander Charlie.
  • Rob Morgan as George Cleveland.
  • Elisabeth Shue as Evelyn Frechette.
  • Manuel Garcia Rulfo as Melvin Lopez.
  • Karl Glusman as Red Eppstein.
  • Tom Brittney as Lieutenant Watson.
  • Jake Ventimiglia as Harry Fipper.
  • Matt Helm as Lieutenant J. Edgar Nystrom.
  • Joseph Poliquin as Lee Helmsman.
  • Devin Druid as Homer Wallace.
  • Maximilian Osinski as captain of ORP Viktor.
  • Dominic Keating as captain of HMS James.
  • Grayson Russell as Signalman #1.
  • Dave Davis as Boatswain’s Mate #1.
  • Michael Benz as Lieutenant Carling.
  • Travis Przybylski as LTJG Dawson.
  • Josh Wiggins as Talker #1.
  • Chet Hanks as Bushnell.
  • Ian James Corlett as captain of HMCS Dodge.
  • Thomas Kretschmann as captain of Grey Wolf.
  • Michael Carollo as Rico Ochoa.


People that are behind the making of the film;

Directed by

Aaron Schneider.

Produced by

Gary Goetzman.

Screenplay by

Tom Hanks.

Based on

The Good Shepherd by C. S. Forester.

Music by

Blake Neely.


Shelly Johnson.

Edited by

  • Mark Czyzewski.
  • Sidney Wolinsky.

Download Link

Get the movie downloaded into your device from Here.

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