Home Credit: How to Easily Manage Your Finances in One Place

Have you heard of home credit before? It is a US banking company that allows you all access to banking feature and self-service through their app. Although not only the united states has the home credit but I would be writing based on the US financing institutions. They believe their app is a banking solution that makes it easy for you to buy, pay and earn rewards. They believe in connecting you to the things you love.

Home Credit

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Home Credit

Like I said before, home credit is a US company that deals with finance. What they do is to give you a credit card through which all your finances would be managed. The types of card you can get are the visa card and the sprint credit card. The cards they provide are designed to suit what matters to you.

Benefits of Home Credit Cards

In this context, I would be listing only four benefits of their app. You should know that there are more benefits of their card but there is no time to list them all. Here are the benefits of the home credit apps;

  • There are no annual fees for their card.
  • You get to earn reward points on every purchase you make.
  • You would also enjoy the Visa benefits such as zero liability fraud protection, roadside dispatch, and auto rental collision damage waiver.
  • Their card is equipped with the latest tech such as contactless chip technology; apply pay, Samsung pay, and Google pay.

Here are the few benefits of their cards I would be listed here.

My Home Credit App

Like I said before, the home credit app helps you to manage all your expenses in one place. You can easily shop and do whatever it is you like on that app. You would also be able to see the total amount you owe, your credit score and all the things you can change. According to the customers review, it is so easy to use.

Download My Home Credit App

The app can be downloaded officially from the Google play store. I really recommend using the Google play store to download the app to prevent scamming and stealing your personal information. Follow the steps below to download the app from the Google play store.

  • Find the Google play store icon on your device and click it.
  • Hit the search bar on the app store and search “My Home Credit”.
  • The app would now be displayed for you. Hit the app to open the app page and click “Install” to install the app on your device.

After downloading, the app would be installed automatically on your device.

Features of My Home Credit App

There are some certain features that make people want to use the app. These features include;

  • Quick log in with touch ID.
  • They give in app rewards redemption.
  • Your card can be frozen if you think it is stolen. You can also unfreeze it when you find it from the comfort of your home.
  • Easily add authorized users to your account.
  • You can easily manage your monthly payments with easy to pay capabilities.

To easily find out if you qualify for a home credit card, visit their main website at homecreditus.com.

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