How Can I Get Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Download – Facebook Dating is Free

How Can I Get Facebook Dating App is a question that is expected from every new user who is interested in the FB dating feature. Why do new users need to ask this kind of question, the reasons are obvious, for there are a lot of misconceptions about this feature.

The reason for asking a question like a phrase “How Can I Get Facebook Dating App” will be reviewed as you read through the words and lines of this article. The dating feature that is launched by Facebook is not difficult to access.

How Can I Get Facebook Dating App

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Firstly, if you have an account then on the FB platform then you are very close to the dating feature. It is a matter of activation and meeting the criteria for registration that matters. This is currently among the top dating platforms all over the world.

How Can I Get Facebook Dating App

With your Facebook app, you can access the FB dating feature and at the same time join the platform free of charge. Downloading any of the Facebook apps is a direct option and a meaningful step in accessing FB dating features.

Once you have the FB app installed on your device, you can have access to the top dating media where billions of people get matched.  You can find people who actually like what you like and at the same time you can match up with the person with the characters you need.

From this point, you will agree with me that this platform is known for its unique characteristics. This is the reason why the platform is trending all over the world with a significant impact on its users.

Facebook Dating 

Meeting with the principles governing FB dating, if you are eligible you can use Facebook dating for free. But before you start the dating process there is vital information that you must consider if you want to succeed in this platform.

On your dating profile, you must be careful of the information that you share. information likes your last name, financial information, email, address, phone number, place of work and any other identifying information in your Facebook dating profile should never be shared with someone else.

In addition, you must be very careful and watch out for scammers because they are always on the internet looking for the next person to scam. Scammers may use fake accounts to trick you into giving them money or personal information.

Therefore ignore any message you receive that you believe is a scam and report such an account to Facebook immediately.

Never you send money or make a donation such messages are examples of fraudulent practices that you must be aware of to avoid being played a fool. Report anyone who has asked you to send money before using the dating feature or to any other issue.

Starting FB dating you must be careful of the person because a lot of people misrepresent themselves and their intentions in the FB dating profile including their sexual orientation or gender. It may be disappointed when you get to meet them in person

How To Find Facebook Dating

Within the  Facebook app you can find Facebook dating and this the best way to join the platform and get your match. 

Please disregard any information that says there is a separate app for the dating feature that is available on Facebook. The dating feature does not have a separate app. It is an inside app in all Facebook apps that have been launched so far.

If you want to use FB dating and you have an active FB account already then you can start without any obstruction. But if you don’t have a Facebook account, you must create one before you can access the platform. Click here to create a new Facebook account

To locate the feature on your FB app follow the steps below;

  • Log in to the Facebook app on your  mobile device
  • Tap on the Profile button which is a triple line or a triangle up-side-down at the top right side of the screen.
  • Click on  dating

From this point, you can create a dating account profile. You can access dating by typing “Facebook Dating” into the search box on your FB app and tapping the FB dating shortcut.


  1. I cannot have access to Dating option using my account on my Android phone .
    Other users can use it in my phone.
    I tried with my user in a friend’s phone and cannot.
    Clearly it’s a problem with my user .
    Please Help!!!!


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