How to Buy Bitcoin – Buy Bitcoin Cash

By | July 2, 2019

So many people do not know how to buy bitcoin. They are also people who have do not heard anything about bitcoin. Bitcoin is currency and is the first decentralized digital currency. The bitcoin is also known as money but is the highest form of money. One thing about bitcoin is that all the transaction that are made are been documented in a virtual ledger and it is called blockchain and everybody can see it.

How to Buy Bitcoin

It gives total control over money not like other assets that you have that are been managed by the banks or by the governments. And it is been made known and been accepted in so many places, it is also a payment method. The bitcoins are been stored in a digital wallet app, it can be on your smartphones or computers. You can also bitcoins to the someone bitcoin wallet and you can also receive bitcoins on your wallet too if somebody sends you.

Why Are Bitcoins Valuable – Values of Bitcoin

These may be the question on your mind and I am very sure that so many people ask this question. You know in some places they value money than any other thing. There is something that is very valuable even if you see someone with it, you are ready to do anything to get it from him or her. The most valuable thing on earth is gold and diamonds, that when you find one and sell it, you will become rich in life that is how bitcoin is also.

Bitcoin is valuable because they are people that are ready to exchange it for real goods or services and also cash. Bitcoin value has been going up and down over the years since it has been created in the year 2009. That has made so many people have the minds not to turn their real money into bitcoins they think it is not safe because bitcoins have been increasing and decreasing.

The Reason People Want Bitcoins – Bitcoin Gold

The only reason people want to have bitcoins is that it is not monitored by banks or governments. We all know that the banks and the governments usually control or monitors the amount of money in your bank account. And nobody would be able to know your bitcoin account number unless you are the one that told them. Someone can lose his or her bitcoin wallet or delete his or her bitcoin and they can lose it forever. People can get bitcoins by using their real money to buy it. You can also sell things and tell the person to pay in bitcoins. Or by creating them which is mining.

How Can I Buy Bitcoins? – How to Buy a Bitcoin

Here are the steps required to buy your bitcoins. Follow the steps below.

  • To buy bitcoins open your web browser and visit Paxful.
  • The URL will take you to the site home page and click on “buy bitcoin now.”
  • Then follow the on-screen prescription to buy bitcoins.

These ate the steps to buy bitcoins online and you can also sell bitcoins too.  

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