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By | July 12, 2019

Speaking of good Facebook Advertising, there are some ways you can advertise your business or product on Facebook. So many users have been looking for how they can create a good Facebook ad for their business. In this article, I am going to be talking about how you can create a good Facebook ad.

How to Make a Good Facebook Ad

Importance of Facebook Ad for Business

  • Audience targeting: This makes you specific about who you want your advert to be shown to so that you can have control over who is likely interested in your product or service. Your audience can be target according to the location, gender, age, interest, job little and interest to recent birthdays or travel habits.
  • Budget: In creating a Facebook Ad, you can set up your budget on what you are comfortable with spending.
  • Measurability: It is important to know what returns your investments bring from your marketing spend. One of the things that pros to Facebook ads are that you are allowed to measure your ads’ success by using the information that is provided by Facebook or google analytics.
  • Engagement: Unlike other marketing tools. Customers can chat with you and you are able to chat with them through the ad as a start point. You can also share information with the customers very quickly, easily and personally. They are many reasons why people do use Facebook advertisement. As you know, that time is money. Money that you should spend on Facebook ads. It is an effective tool for companies to use and they are beneficial when they are used correctly.

How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad?

  • Audience insights to target data: With audience insights, you can find potential customers to target based on the characteristics and interests of people that have already liked your page.
  • Align Ad with a campaign landing page: The content landing page should be aligned with the Facebook Ad campaign.
  • Send at list one Ad element in time: in order to create a different ad, you should create variations of the ad and whichever performs better and change the element one at a time.
  • Target customers wit like a campaign: You would be able to create a campaign by the power editor or with live Facebook account. You are granted to exclude audiences such as people who have already like your page.
  • Carry out experiments with different Ad placement.
  • Polished targeting with conversion audiences.

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