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By | August 16, 2019

“How to make Facebook Ads for Free” As the Facebook continues to develop new advertising potions, for business owners, several free options have been eliminated which including the easy to use, Facebook has offered free advertising option where you can showcase your product for free. And to use Facebook ads options is very simple and easy. Most people did know this, That there is free advertising on Facebook. Some may know these but they did have any idea about it.

How to make Facebook Ads for Free

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Free Facebook Ads

Today we are going to look out those areas, on how you can be able to make free Facebook for free of many businesses you see, everywhere facing the challenge of making sure their messages get to the right people. Facebook ads can be so expensive, so it is smart for you as a business leader to always be searching for new free available ways to reach your buyers.

Your posting across the social media, in order to help drive sales, and to increase your branding message may amplify your efforts, so, however, when it comes to free Facebook advertising, you get what you pay you know how to make free Facebook ads for free? If no, then we are going to dive in to see what this have for us.

How to make Facebook ads for free – how to create free ads offer on Facebook

The Facebook offer is an advertising option that as outlasted its predecessors. The fact that this offer can be created without a budget and instantly post on the page is very create Facebook ads offer for free is very easy and simple. These following steps below will really help you a lot to discover many things.


  • Go to the Facebook business page
  • Next, click on the offers link on the left side of the page
  • Then the offer page will open
  • on the page open, click on create an offer
  • after you click on the create an offer, discount, or deal popup window will open
  • Then under the offer type, you have to choose the kind of offer you which to make. Choose from the spend X get Y off, free shipping, discount percent, buy X get Y discount, discount amount, and customized
  • Upload an image. You need to use an image with the little title or no text
  • Then specify the type of offer under discount items and or service
  • Set an expiration date by you clicking today date and then click a different date in the future
  • Under where people can redeem this? Then click on the box next to in-store or online. If your offer can be deemed online, type the complete web address where you can be redeemed
  • Add a promo code
  • Then you have to add a description that will become the headline for your ad.
  • Then review your offer.
  • Publish or schedule your offer using the button at the bottom right corner of the window.

If you follow this step, and you still want to know more, there are so many of it on this particular website. Just stay connected and everything you want to know we are listed in front of you.

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