How to sell on Facebook Free – Setup Facebook Shop and Sell Your Product

“How to sell on Facebook Free” Most Facebook users that are into business especially buying and selling always want to know how to sell on Facebook for free.

How to sell on Facebook Free
How to sell on Facebook Free

Furthermore, the online shop is a very broad place to showcase your products and as well make more customers. This is the idea why Facebook is offering you the chance to own your own shop on Facebook.

How to Sell on Facebook Free

Therefore, getting a Facebook shop is easy as well as setting it up for you to the perfect result while selling on Facebook free. More so, just as the topic of this article is, selling on Facebook or owning a Facebook shop is free to all Facebook users. Furthermore, you just need is to have a Facebook account to start the process.

Therefore, to start your Facebook shop just follow all the steps below to own and set up a Facebook shop. However, you can start it today and start leveraging on the Facebook platform to drive more customers to buy your products.

Create and Setup Facebook Shop

To set up a Facebook shop, you’ll need to;

  • Click the Add Shop Section Link

Therefore, when you click on the Add shop caption link, it will then display a prompt note. Furthermore, this will further prove the meaning of this section which will you do. More so, the only thing you need to do is to hit on the Add shop section button to proceed.

  • Agree to Merchant Terms and Police

The next thing in line is, you will be asked to agree to Merchant Terms and as well its  Policies on Facebook. Users should be sure to read these over. They involve important information portraying what you can sell on your Facebook page. Also, how to handle problems during the “test phase” of the shop section launch, return and refund policies, and other details.

  • Add Business and Payment Processing Detail

Once you’ve agreed to Merchant Terms and Policies, You will need to enter your business details and set up payment processing with stripe. However, if you already have a Stripe account, sign in to that account first. Furthermore, you can then click on the link to connect to an existing stripe account. More so you can as well set up a stripe account and then continue with the following setup.

  • Describe What You Sell

Next, you will then have to make a description of the products which you want to sell on your Facebook shop. Furthermore, you have to make sure the description is not more than 200 words and not too less.

Steps to Sell Your Product on Facebook Marketplace

To sell on the Facebook marketplace, you would need to;

  • Add Products to Your Shop

Specifically, on this site, you will then need to add all your products to your shop. Therefore, to do this, click the Add products button.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to configure the rest details on every one of your products.

Particularly, users can locate Facebook’s guidelines details on the page. Also, recommendations for photos on the product listing guidelines page. They include the following below:

  • Therefore, as the shop owner, you must have one image for each product.
  • Furthermore, the image must be an original image of the product. Also, make sure you are not using a graphical representation, icon of the particular product, or illustrations.
  • Another recommendation is you should consider is that the image of your product should have a white backdrop. Better still, you can as well capture the product in question in real-life regarding the situation.
  • Your image should not have text on it. Also, it supposes not to have any offensive content or advertising too. Users are not to use proportional materials, watermarks, or time-sensitive information.

That’s it.

Create Facebook StoreCollections – How to sell on Facebook Free

If you have a lot of different types of products, then you have the option to create collections to organize your products. Therefore, they will show you the option below your products.  This is when you start adding them to your shop.

Furthermore, when you click the Add Collection button, you are taken to the shop section in your publishing Tools. Specifically, you will also see some other products from users that are already featuring in the place where you want to add yours

How to Add Products to Facebook Shop

Follow the steps below to add products to your Facebook shop.

  • Therefore, click the collection caption and then hit on the Add Products button.
  • Then select which products to add to your collection and click Add.
  • More so, the first product in your products list or collection will then show above your timeline on your Facebook shop page.
  • However, these particular products will then appear first in your shop, following the pattern and order you arranged the items on your Facebook products collection.
  • Access Your Shop’s Settings

Therefore, to access your shop’s settings, click on your shop’s link from your page’s menu and then click on the setting wheel icon to get the following menu options.

  • Manage our Orders

When you receive your first order, you will get a notification. Also, you can as well review and manage all your pending transactions and complete orders in your Publishing Tools under the Shop section.

However, once you close your first order notification, you will then see a list of your pending orders. Therefore, you can click on an individual order to see additional detail.

Basically, the buyer’s shipping preferences and address. Also, you can as well make contact with the buyer if you need any additional information in regards to why the order is pending or after completion. This is a full set of information for you to know how to sell on Facebook for free.

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