July 3, 2020

Insurance Jobs – List of Insurance Jobs | Customer Service Representative

“Insurance Jobs” Insurance itself is a very broad category that includes several types of coverage, which includes life, health property, auto, and casualty insurance. The industry helps to provides many job opportunities for those with the right qualifications and skills. You have an interest in an insurance career, research and other different positions within the field to determine that a job that best fits your interests and skills.

Insurance Jobs

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Insurance Jobs

The job listing sites and the insurance company websites post detailed job descriptions that can help you learn more about the responsibilities and the requirements for various positions in the Insurance industry. Insurance company companies today are opening in underwriting, actuarial, sales agent, loss control specialist, customer service representative, claims clerk, etc.

Insurance Jobs – Claims Adjuster

This works with the customers that have experienced the losses and they are submitting claims. It is also known as insurance examiners, specialists, appraisers, analysts, and investigators, claims adjusters should have decided the cost of an insurance company should pay for damage or loss. They travel to clients and do inspect the property that policyholder claims had been damaged. The Claims adjuster’s work is make requiring research and seeking expert ideas or opinions to determine how many claims might be worth. Claims adjuster sometimes works as a public adjuster. The main goal of an insurance company adjuster is to save money for their company, while that of the public adjuster is to get the highest possible amount paid to the claimant. Below are the lists of Claims Adjusters:

  • Adjuster
  • Claims Representative
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Claims Manager
  • Claims Analyst
  • Claims Clerk
  • Examiner
  • Field adjuster
  • Estimator
  • Claim Specialist

These are the lists of claims Adjusters.

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Insurance Jobs – Loss Control specialist

Avoidance of loss control specialist. They help to inspect businesses to provide strategies to reduce the risk or dangers of loss or damage. They are also called risk consultants, and they travel to various workplaces to take note of any potential hazards or danger and they report to the insurance agency.

Customer Service Representative

These help customers with different questions and concerns about their policies. They may also be the ones to take details from customers after their insured properties are damaged and also they communicate with their customers on the phone, online or in person.

  • Customer Service Manager.
  • Customer Service Associate.
  • Customer Service Representative.

Claims Clerk

The Claims clerks are the ones who handle all the paperwork related to insurance policies. They process new policies, modify existing policies and handle paperwork related to the claim settlements. They are also called the policy processing clerks.

  • Policy processing clerk.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Clerk
  • Bookkeeper

Sale Agent

Sales Agent is the one that contacts the customer to sell them a specific kind of insurance. They explain the policies, guide the customers in the selection process and maintain each of the client’s insurance records. Most of the sales agents are insurance agencies and brokerages, and some of them work with particular insurance companies. Their job takes place in an office, but they sometimes travel to clients when the need arises.

  • Sales Agency Manager.
  • Consultant.
  • Sales Agent
  • Risk Consultant.
  • Loss Control Consultant/Specialist.


 This used analysis to determine the risk that an event will occur. They help insurance companies to decide how much to charge for the different types of coverage. The actuaries are the ones who make or have the highest salaries. Their major work for insurance agencies and brokerages is that they sell the policies of several companies, working for one insurance company or the government. Actuaries are specialized or well known for one type of coverage which is a health and property insurance.

  • Actuarial Analyst.
  • Actuary.
  • Actuarial Associate.
  • Actuarial Manager.

Insurance Underwriter

These are the ones to decide whether someone seeking coverage should be provided with that insurance. The underwriter evaluates the candidate for the risk or danger and determines if the applicant meets the minimum criteria. An underwriter might also help you set the prices of the different or various insurance policies depending on the determined risk. Most of them work for insurance brokers and others might work for particular insurance companies. They specialize in one area of coverage, such as auto insurance or life insurance.

  • Underwriter
  • Underwriting Manager.

That’s it.

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