July 6, 2020

Insurance – Types of Insurance | Insurance Quotes | Auto Insuance

Insurance, as the name suggests, is a means or an entity that assures you of getting back anything you lost. For things that are irreplaceable, you get somewhat something to help you cover the vacuum a little if not to the end. Anybody that has been insured is a person who has bought assurance. Assurance is another word for Insurance. There are different types of assurance and they all come at different prices. When you buy assurance, you get an assurance policy which means you can also be called a policyholder.


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Insurance is bought to help individuals cover-up for immediate loss or unexpected loss but as said, you will have to pay and the amount you will pay depends on how you want it. Any amount of money or terms set forth by your insurer to you is called premium. The moment you are insured and you get a loss as anticipated, the insurer will have to look into the situation first and confirm it is not set up before the damage will be covered.

Types of Insurance

All assurance like I said varies and has different conditions. The currently known different types of insurance are;

  • Life Insurance.
  • Health.
  • Auto.
  • General.
  • Property.
  • Marine.
  • Fire.
  • Liability.
  • Property.
  • Guarantee insurance and so much more.

There you have it. Now let us look at a brief definition of the type of insurance listed above.

Life Assurance

Life insurance is very important if you have people who depend on you naturally. This type of assurance is taken to help you secure your child’s future or keep your family surviving when you die. You can also take life assurance for an individual. The basic thing is that life assurance depends on the terms and agreement you make with your insurer.

Health Insurance

Health assurance is in place to make sure that you are well taken care of if you have an illness. However, recently, you have to take it before you fall sick. As you know, it is money that will be used to take care of you if you fall ill, so when you apply before you get ill; it is believed that you will save enough in their pocket to help cater for you. Assurance firms take this procedure to reduce bankruptcy.

Automobile Assurance

When I say an automobile, I mean car, vehicles, bus, and so much more. This insurance taken helps you cover loss in case of an accident, theft or robbery. However, the terms of this assurance depend on you and your insurer as some insurer will also cover for customer damages as well. Automobile users usually take this as a necessity.

You can learn more about the other types of assurance by visiting any insurance platform online or by going to their office manually.

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