July 4, 2020

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Online learning may not be so appealing for everyone; however, the sheer number of online learning web sites indicates that there’s at least a sturdy interest inconvenient, and transportable learning options. Many of which can be study-at-your-personal-time. For your reference, we’ve decided to list 50 top learning websites. While this is not a rating list by any means, we’ve filtered in some of the most famous web sites in every category.

Learn Online

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Learn Online

“Learn Online” Many of those sites provide a hundred percent free training; some require payment or provide proven certification for a nominal charge. Some sites offer very general non-instructional lessons, others provided actual college/university curriculum materials. Whatever you are trying to learn, you would find a good website to learn from the list below.

Categories and Website Lists

  • To learn art and music, you can use Dave conservatoire, draw space, or Justin guitar.
  • For mathematics, data science and engineering, you can use codecademy, Stanford engineering everywhere, big data university or better explained.
  • For design web design and development, you can use the HOW Design University, HTML Dog, Skill crush, and hack design.
  • The general students and adult can use any of the these sites to learn online scratch, Udemy, E-learning for kids, Ed2go, GCF learn free, stack exchange, hippocampus, how cast, memrise, school tube, Instructables, creative LIVE, Do It Yourself, adafruit learning system and grovo.
  • For the general college or university, you can take advantage of edX, Coursera, MIT Open Courseware, Open Yale Courses, Open learning initiative, Khan Academy, MIT video, Stanford online, Havard extension school, Canvas network, Quantum physics made relatively simple, Open UW, UC san Diego podcast lectures, university of the people, and NovoEd.
  • For those who want to learn IT and software development, you can take advantage of the Udacity, Apple developer site, google code, code.org, Mozilla developer network, learnable, plural sight, code HS, and Aquent Gymnasium.


You have to know that these sites are not in the form of any rating. Just in case you are interested in learning from any of them, you can search it up on google. Every one of these sites has its own area where they specialize and can give you the best you deserve. Some of these sites also give free degrees online. That is only after you have completed their test and their exams. All of the websites listed above are totally free to use, but some may be difficult because of the interface.

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