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Light Download is not just an ordinary movie download website, but the site is among one of the best movie download websites on the internet.  If you have been searching for movies, series, TV shows, applications, and games then it thinks you should consider the website.

The site can provide you with everything that you can ever expect from a movie download site. The site does not only provide you high-quality movies but, also provide free software for your PC as cracked software.

If you have been downloading from the movie download site for a very long time and you do not know about light download, then you have been missing a lot. In addition to this post, we will discuss how to download both movies and TV series from the site.

Light Download

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Light Download

The site can be located at whereby the “dl” stands for download in short. This will tell you that the site for created for the purpose of downloading. Once you arrive at the home page of the site, you will find so many things of interest. Movies that have been released recently can be located on the home page. If you have the time, you can search from page 1 t the end to see the movies available

You are supposed to know that the site is not only for movie download but for TV series and TV shows and this is all for your enjoyment. This is because not everybody likes watching movies. Other people love watching series and TV shows very much. Another the site offers is Chinese and Korean movies so, if you are into these movies as well, the site will be your number one choice. The movies and series on the site are categorized so that they can be easily identified and located.

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Light Download Movies

The light download offers the best quality movies that you can ever imagine. The site is one of the best sites known for downloading movies. The site has possessed the different quality of movies that you can choose from. Qualities like BluRay, web-dl, HDRIP and many more. Different file sizes are available on the site as well so, if you have unlimited data I will advise you to go for large files. Below are some steps to download movies from the light download.

  • Visit the official website at
  • The page will load then the site home page will be displayed on your screen. On the top of the page hit on movies.
  • A list of movies will be displayed on your screen and from there you can tap on the movie you wish to download.
  • When the download page has finally open, you can scroll down and hit on the download link t get the movie downloaded into your device.

That’s it.

Light Download TV Series

Download TV series is very simple on the site. You can download TV series just like the way you download movies from the site. Follow the steps provided below to download the TV series.

  • Visit the website if you are not on it.
  • At the top of the page, you will find TV series. Click on it.
  • Select the TV series that you wish to download and hit on it.
  • On the page scroll down to the bottom and select the link to the episode that you wish to download.

That’s it.

Light Download Games

Are you surprised that the site also offers games to download? If you notice, I mentioned above that the site has some games that you can download. You can download interesting games for your PC. Games on the site can be downloaded by following the procedures below.

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  • Visit the website if you have not.
  • At the top of the page, tap on games.
  • Scroll through the page and select the game that you want to download. You can scroll to older posts if you have not seen the game.
  • After selecting the game, tap on the download link to download the game to your device.

I want you to always know that some games available on the site have different parts. In order for you to play the game, you will have to download all parts of the game into your device.



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