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What is Mad Max Fury Road? If you are looking for an action-packed movie to watch then this is one to spend your time on. Mad Max Fury Road is the fourth installment of the Mad Max film series. And it continues with the tale of Max Rockatansky as the lead and main character in the movie.

If you haven’t seen any on the Mad Max film series up until now then you are missing a lot of actions. Well, this article is here for you to give you an insight of the movie Mad Max Fury Road and what you have been missing in the past three editions. So I urge you to read through to the ending to get a brief description of the Movie Mad Max Fury Road.

Mad Max Fury Road

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Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road is a 2015 installment of the post-apocalyptic action film that was co-written, co-produced, and directed by George Miller. George Miller who is the director of another previous installment of the movie is once again at the heart of this Mad Max Fury Road movie.

Since its release, it has become the highest-grossing Mad Max series and got many praised form its action sequences and screenplay in general. It won multiple awards and achievements with one of them being six awards for costume design, makeup and hairstyling, film editing, production design, sound editing, and sound mixing. This time it has star actress Charlize Theron present in it.


Many years after the world aha become a wasteland and civilization has long gone and collapse, Max Rockatansky is a survivor who is tormented by visions of his dead people. After being captured by War Boys, the army of the tyrannical immortal, Max is taken as a prisoner and used a blood bag for a sick War Boy called Nux. Imperator Furiosa who is one of the lieutenants of the tyrannical Important is sent by Joe to get fuel and ammunition but changes her course for her freedom. Joe discovers that five of his wives have followed Imperator in her course for escape and leads his army to pursue and bring them back.

On their way entered into a battle with Nux who has strapped Max in his truck. Imperator escapes her pursuers except for Nux. Nux tried sacrificing himself in order to destroy the rig but Max escapes and stops Nux from doing so only for their truck to get destroyed in the process.  Max finds Imperator fixing the rig but steals it from her and refused to allow Imperator to follow her. She claims that she is the only one who the combination to stop the rig from blowing up. Nux was killed by Joe’s army in his attempt to kill Imperator.

After Max and Imperator teamed up with another band of survivors, they have now entered rig war with Joe and his army. Now they have to escape the citadel tyrannized by Joe from which something irreplaceable has been stolen from. Filled with anger Joe and his war marshals endlessly pursue Max and Imperator’s team of survivors in a ruthless high road war that follows.

Release Date

The Movie Mad Max Fury Road which is the fourth installment was released on May 7, 2015, on TCL Chinese theaters in Los Angeles. But its worldwide theatrical release began on May 14, 2015.


The Trailer for the movie was released on YouTube on March 31, 2015, and has gotten a large number of views since then. It is a Trailer that will gear you up to want to watch the movie. You can watch the Trailer via the link below.

The Cast

Below are the lists of characters that were used in the movie.

  • Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky.
  • Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa.
  • Nicholas Hoult as Nux.
  • Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe.
  • Rosie as Huntington-Whitney as the Splendid Angharad.
  • Nathan Jones as Rictus Erectus.
  • Riley Keough as Capable.
  • Zoe Kravitz as Toast the Knowing.
  • Abbey Lee as The Dag.
  • Courtney Eaton as Cheeto the Fragile.
  • Josh Helman as Slit.
  • Richard Carter as The People Eater.

These are some of the main characters that were used in the movie. You can get the full list of them from this link.

The Crew

The Crew is the people responsible for the making of the movie these includes editors, producers, photographers, makeup artist, and all others.

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  • Directed by — George Miller.
  • Produced by —- Doug Mitchell, George Miller, and PJ Voeten.
  • Written by — George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, and Nico Lathoris.
  • Edited by —- Margaret Sixel.
  • Release date — May 7, 2015 (TCL Chinese Theaters) and May 14, 2015 (Australia).
  • Running time — 120 minutes (2 hours).
  • Language — English.
  • Country — Australia.
  • Music by — Tom Holkenborg a.k.a Junkie XL.
  • Cinematography — John Seale.
  • Production Company — Kennedy Miller Mitchell.
  • Distributed by — Roadshow Films (Australia) and Warner Bros. Pictures (International).
  • Budget —- $150 — $185 million.
  • Box Office — $375.2 million.

This link will take you to the page where you will find the full list of The Crew and the making committee.

Download Mad Max Fury Road in 720p

Should in case you are looking for Where to Download Mad Max Fury Road then click on the link below and it will help you with the download process.


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