Make a Free Facebook Avatar of Yourself With These Easy Steps

Want to get a cartoon version of yourself, but don’t know how to do that? Then you’ve clicked on the right post.

In this article, I’ll talk about you can Make a Free Facebook Avatar of Yourself. The process is simple and free.

Making an avatar of yourself is just as easy as setting up your Apple Memoji and Snapchat Bitmoji.

Make a Free Facebook Avatar of Yourself

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Also, you don’t need to download a standalone app in other to make a free digital version of yourself. However, you need to have a Facebook account or you can quickly create one. Want to find out more on Make a Free Facebook Avatar of Yourself, read on.

Make a Free Facebook Avatar of Yourself

“Make a Free Facebook Avatar of Yourself” Making a free avatar is easy and doesn’t require much, all you need is the maker or creator app.

With the creator app, you can create, customize your avatar just as you want. There are awesome accessories that you use if need be.

Facebook’s avatar made communication on the platform better and faster. Now, you can show or express yourself using a reaction with your digital version.

Friends can easily understand how you’re feeling towards something using your avatar. It is easy, but you need to create to have it.

Facebook Avatar Emoji

The Facebook avatar emoji is a digital emoji of you. Your avatar can be used as an emoji or a sticker.

You can easily express yourself and show your reaction to something. So far, this and the Facebook dating feature are my best on the platform.

However, you should know that Facebook avatar is not yet available worldwide, just in a few locations including New Zealand, India, Nigeria, and others.

If you come across a doppelgänger in your feed, it shows that the feature is available in your country, which means you can create your own.

If the feature is not yet available, worry not, the social media giant is still working on making it global, so sooner or later, you will be able to access it.

Facebook Avatar 2020

Avatar is the new addition to the feature that allows users to make a cartoon version of themselves.

It is free for all to use. And also simple to create. But an account in the platform is needed to create an account.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive in to make the cartoon version of yourself that you will love.

Make My Avatar on Facebook

Creating a Facebook avatar requires you to use the latest version app update or Messenger app. You can’t make an avatar using the Website.

Also, make sure that you’re logged into your account. Once, you’re logged in, follow the steps below;

  • Tap the button on the bottom or upper right corner with three lines and then navigate to “See More.”
  • Select “Avatar”
  • Follow the prompts to start customizing.
  • Facebook avatar will ask for your skin tone, hairstyle, and other style features.
  • If you’re having trouble finding all the options, try tapping on the bar right above the options and below your avatar in progress.
  • You can choose eye shape, eyebrows, nose shape, body shape, and your outfit, among other customizations.
  • When your avatar is how you want it to be, then tap on the checkmark in the upper right corner to view.
  • There’s a selfie button below it so you can compare how it looks to an image of your face.

Easy, right? Well, there you have, follow the steps above to set up your avatar on Facebook and start using it.

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