Massive Stalker Ware Leaks Puts of Phone Data at Risk


Do you know that massive stalker ware leaks put phone data at risk? The private phone data of hundreds of thousands of people are at risk right now. Call records, text messages, photos, browsing history, precise geolocations, and call recordings.

All these listed above can all be taken from a person’s phone due to a security flaw in common consumer spyware. In this article, we are going to find out more about Stalkerware.

Massive Stalker Ware Leaks Puts of Phone Data at Risk

Massive Stalker Ware Leaks Puts of Phone Data at Risk

Many attempts have been made to contact the spyware developer as the security and privacy of thousands of people are at risk until the issue is resolved. The spyware cannot be named or its developer as this would make it easier for malicious parties to access the unsafe data.

These spyware apps silently and continuously transfer the contents of a person’s phone. Allowing the operator to track where a person is and who they are communicating with. Many will have no idea that their phones have been compromised as these apps are designed to disappear from home screens to avoid detection or removal.


Stalkerware is a venomous class of software that is designed to surreptitiously run in the background of smartphones. Its main purpose is to keep tabs on everything you do.

And to report back to whoever decided to spy on the most intimate and personal details of your life. It is monitoring software that is used for cyberstalking.

Stalkerware Apps

Here are the lists of the most popular stalker apps:

  • MSpy.
  • UMobix.
  • FlexiSPY.
  • Spyera.
  • Hoverwatch.
  • PcTattletale.
  • XNSPY.
  • Minspy.
  • SpyBubble.
  • Spyier.
  • Spyic.
  • MobiStealth.
  • ISpyoo.
  • IKeyMonitor.

These are the lists of the most popular stalker apps.

How to Prevent Stalkerware Apps

Here are the steps on how to prevent Stalkerware apps:

  • Always check if the app permissions are changed.
  • Observe your Smartphone’s battery life. If it is draining faster than usual, there’s a high chance that it is infected with a spyware application.
  • Regularly check your mobile data reports. If there is very high traffic, then it might have been caused by Stalkerware.
  • If your device is unusually overheating, a spyware application might be causing it, especially if that malicious app is active 24/7.

With these above steps, you will be able to prevent Stalker apps.



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