Netflix Avatar the Last Airbender: How to Get Updated and Watch Avatar

When avatar the last Airbender, one of the greatest animated series of all time came to Netflix in May of 2020, people started asking what’s up with that new live-action series they were talking about? Netflix announced that it would be retelling the story of the Gaang with real people.

Netflix Avatar the Last Airbender

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Netflix Avatar the Last Airbender

The news announced as part of Viacom CBS’s lead up to the launch of its Paramount streaming platform, has been widely celebrated by fans of the Avatar franchise. Avatar Studios will begin with an original animated theatrical film, set to start production later in 2021.

After that, it sounds like the plan is to expand into a range of new content within the beloved world of avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. While this is all good news for many, it’s grim development for Netflix as their own adaptation is now facing some stiff competition.

Netflix Avatar the Last Airbender Plot

In the world of avatar, the Last Airbender civilization is divided into four separate nations, which is named after the elements the four nations are the Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and the Water Tribes.

In each nation, only a select few people known as the Benders can use the element of their nation by using the regional martial arts and their telekinetic powers. The only user capable of using all four elements is the Avatar. 

Aang is the latest Avatar of the air nomads, after sleeping for 100 years in the Avatar State Aang is awoken by Katara and Sokka of the Water Tribe. Learning of the war ravaging the world by the Fire Nation, Aang with the help of his new friends must master the abilities of the remaining elements so he can bring harmony amongst the nations.

Netflix Avatar the Last Airbender Cast

In the series, no cast members have been assigned to any roles for the series yet. The two executive producers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko had different things to say on casting for the series is looking for a mostly Asian cast and a 12-14-year-old to play Aang.

Dante Basco (who voiced Prince Zuko in the animated series) has also been pegged for a role in the upcoming Netflix series but won’t be returning as Prince Zuko.

Netflix Avatar the Last Airbender Release Date

Taking into consideration how far away we are from the start of production and the current state of the film/TV industry. With the production of the series still officially in pre-production, there definitely won’t be released now.

Given the production updates mentioned earlier, it is going to take a while before anything officially starts happening with regards to filming. And 2022 seems like the absolute earliest but with production woes and development issues, it could be even further off.

How Many Seasons Will the Last Airbender Have?

The animated series had a total of three seasons so it is possible the live-action show will have the same number. Well, that’s just our best guess.

You can watch all three seasons of the animated series on Netflix right now along with Legend of Korra. And if you are feeling fancy and want to relive the live-action movie.

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