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Have you heard of before? Are you searching for a simple way to download your favorite movies? So many movies have been released online on the movie’s website. You may want to download the latest movies but you are not aware of the website to use. is a movie website where you get to stream and watch your desired movies online. This site is not the same as other sites as you may think

On the website, you can watch and also download movies and TV series online on the website. There are so many movies and TV series that you will enjoy watching online.

It is only for movies, you will not be able to download movies from the site. And there is also a category of movies that will help you locate different types of movies on the platform. Categories has different categories that will make it easy for you to locate movies on the site easily. Here are the lists of categories:

  • Anime.
  • Drama.
  • TV shows.
  • Chinese drama.
  • Indian drama.
  • Japanese drama.
  • Korean drama.
  • Thai drama.
  • Genre.

With these categories, you will find it easy to locate movies to watch on the site. Search

  • Open your web browser and enter the URL
  • On the top right side of the page, click on the search bar and enter the file name you want to download.
  • Click on the search button.
  • It will display a search result based on what your search query is; now all you have to do is to click on any of your choices.

With these steps above you will be able to search for movies on the site. Now, let’s move to how to download movies from

How to Download Movies from

Here are the steps on how to download movies from;

  • Go to which is the site’s URL.
  • When the site loads you can search for the movies you would like to download. Or choose the category of movie you want to download.
  • Then scroll down and click on any movie you like.
  • When you have concluded on the movie you want to download, tap on the movie.
  • Choose GD on your downloading option. it will take you to a page to confirm you are not a robot.
  •  After being confirmed your can now click on generate link and it will reload a page for the download.
  • Click on it and it will reload a page for you to click continue.
  • Then you will have to grant Google drive access this happens only on your first time using the site.
  • Click on login to get the download link.
  • Ignore the message that says we are processing this video, on the new page. On the page click on the download button that shows up.
  • This will take you to the final download page and you will be told that your file is too big to be scanned for viruses because it is bigger than 100mbs.
  • Just click on the download anyway button and your download will automatically start.

With these above steps, you will be able to download movies from successfully.


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