Polaris Bank Current Account: Genuine Banking in the World

The Polaris Bank Current Account offers you every form of the convenience of carrying out bank activities and financial transactions every minute of the day, and whenever and wherever you go.

Polaris Bank Current Account

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Polaris Bank Current Account

Moreover, you can carry out these transactions outside or within the bank using your internet-enabled computer or smart mobile phone.  And for you to operate your current account through your computer or smart mobile phone, you have to open an online internet or mobile banking account or download the mobile banking app, gain full control of your bank account.

Benefits and Features of Polaris Bank Current Account

  • a minimum opening balance of 1,000 nairas.
  • zero operating balance.
  • Full-time access to the use of Cheque books.
  • A Full-time access to financial services.
  • Full-time access to debit cards.
  • Full-time access to a vast range of personal credit cards and personal loans.
  • *833#, which is the smart banking code used for your account and balance inquiry, sending and transfer of funds, airtime top-up, making payment of bills, carrying out most of your current account transactions and lots more.
  • Steady and available services on the PolarisApp – the mobile app used to carry out banking activities and financial transactions.

Requirements and Qualification to Open a Polaris Bank Current Account

  • A complete current account opening application form.
  • Two copies of your recent passport photographs.
  • A current utility bill of not more than three months old. The bill could include electricity bill, waste disposal bill, tenement, and water bill and so on.
  • A signature mandate card.
  • A valid proof of your identification. Proof may include National ID, International passport, Voters Card, or Driver’s license.
  • Premises visitation report.
  • Resident permit – for expatriates.
  • Two current account references.
  • Two completed references form.

Types of Polaris Bank Current Account

The Polaris Bank Limited of Nigeria is a bank known for understanding the peculiar wants and needs of their customers. Therefore, they have designed more than one current account in order to meet the needs of their customers, and help them achieve every of their goals and dreams. The types of current account being operated on the Polaris banking platform are:

Account Tyes
  1. Polaris current account – this account help individual enjoy the benefits a current account has to offer.
  2. Polaris global account – this current account platform is designed for those who live abroad, in order for them to bank in Nigeria.
  3. Polaris select current account – this account is designed for stars, business owners, marketers, large enterprises and so on.

How to Open a Polaris Bank Current Account

For you to open a Polaris bank current account there are various processes to follow. You just have to choose the process you are comfortable with.

The Mobile App

For Android Users, go to your Google Play store and search for PolarisApp. At the beginning of the search results, you will see “SkyeMobile”, click on it and install into your mobile device.  For IOS users, go to your apple store on “iTunes.apple.com” and search for “SkyeMobile”, click on it and download.

Once it has been installed, open the app, fill in some information required and get started with the app. From here you will find so many options for banking activities including the option to open a current account.

The Smart Code

To open a current account, simply dial *833# and make sure you have sufficient airtime before carrying out this activity. Once you have dialed the code, you will be given a list of banking services. Click on the open account option and choose the current account. Then follow every other instruction given to you.

The Bank

If you are not comfortable with the processes above, kindly locate any Polaris bank close to you and let them know of your intentions. But make sure you have the required materials listed above before visiting the bank.

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