Power Book 2 Ghost: Review and How to Stream or Download

“Power Book 2 Ghost” If you’ve never heard that phrase, I would simply say you aren’t that much of a movie freak after all.

Power book 2 ghost is the following sequel of the original Starz TV series titled power. Now, power is an American crime drama TV series that started in June 2014.

This series was created and produced by the famous Courtney A. Kemp and was in collaboration with Curtis Jackson popularly known as “50 Cent”.

Power Book 2 Ghost


Since the first-ever episode was released back in 2014, this series has always gotten positive feedback mostly for its atmosphere, acting, and pacing.

Power as a TV series starring Omari Hardwick as the main character “Ghost” became one of Starz’s most highly rated show and also one of cable’s most-watched shows.

Power Book 2 Ghost

Before watching power book 2 ghost, I would highly suggest you watch the prequel first (which is Power” This series can be streamed on the Starz app or any application that has it.

This series was first premiered on September 6, 2020. After the launch of the first five episodes which spanned six weeks, the launch was held.

This series is still in the early seasons (season one to be precise and only five episodes yet). The first season is meant to have ten episodes and starring Michael Rainey Jr. (Tariq St. Patrick) and the main character.

Power Book 2 Ghost Renewed for Season 2

There has been news from producers that the power spin-off would be renewed for season two. This means that we would be expecting a second season after the first series of the sequel.

There is still a lot that can happen in this TV series and we aren’t shocked that there would be a season 2. The success of the sequel was really amazing… Like right out of the gate.

The quality of the stories Courtney tells, the loyalty of the fans, and the strength of the power franchise all contributed to the success and growth of this TV series according to Christina Davis (The president of programming at Starz).

Power Book 2 Ghost IMDB

The IMDb rating on this TV series was pretty high. You can get the full review on IMDb following this link. Spoiler alert: The ratings started to reduce due to the hold of the launch of the series.

Fans are angry as they weren’t told that they would not be getting the rest episodes till December. This series would really be worth watching if fans continue to be loyal to the series.

Official Trailer

The trailer was released a few weeks before the first episode was launched on Starz. I would leave an embedded video of the trailer from youtube.

Power Book 2 Ghost Episode 1

The first episode was released on September 6, 2020. You can stream this episode on the Starz app or Website.

Another alternative is to download it from external websites. I have an article where I put the download links of each episode that has been released. Visit that article here.

Power Book 2 Ghost Cast

Here is a list of some of the casts of the amazing TV series.

Series cast summary:
Michael Rainey Jr. Michael Rainey Jr.  Tariq St. Patrick10 episodes, 2020 
Shane Johnson Shane Johnson  Cooper Saxe10 episodes, 2020 
Gianni Paolo Gianni Paolo  Brayden Weston10 episodes, 2020 
Melanie Liburd Melanie Liburd  Caridad ‘Carrie’ Milgram10 episodes, 2020 
Lovell Adams-Gray Lovell Adams-Gray  Dru Tejada10 episodes, 2020 
Daniel Bellomy Daniel Bellomy  Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross10 episodes, 2020 
Paige Hurd Paige Hurd  Lauren10 episodes, 2020 
Woody McClain Woody McClain  Cane Tejada10 episodes, 2020 
Justin Marcel McManus Justin Marcel McManus  Jabari Reynolds10 episodes, 2020 
LaToya Tonodeo LaToya Tonodeo  Diana Tejada10 episodes, 2020 
Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige  Monet10 episodes, 2020 
Naturi Naughton Naturi Naughton  Tasha St. Patrick10 episodes, 2020 
Method Man Method Man  Davis Maclean10 episodes, 2020 
Shalim Ortiz Shalim Ortiz  Danilo Ramirez / …9 episodes, 2020 
Bradley Gibson Bradley Gibson  Everett / …6 episodes, 2020 
Kathleen Garrett Kathleen Garrett  Judge Nina Larkin6 episodes, 2020 
Quincy Tyler Bernstine Quincy Tyler Bernstine  Tameika Washington5 episodes, 2020 
Cory Jeacoma Cory Jeacoma  Trace / …5 episodes, 2020 

View the full list on IMDb by following this link.

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