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The RBC is a multinational financial banking service and it is one of the largest banks in Canada through market capitalization, the full name of RBC is Royal Bank of Canada and the bank has up to 16 million clients and also has over 80,000 workers all over the world. The bank was found in the year 1864 in Halifax and Nova Scotia its headquarters is found in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal and Quebec.


The royal bank of Canada was once a commercial bank that deals with fishing and timber industries and also the European and Caribbean import and export businesses. The bank was known to be a merchant’s bank Halifax. As time goes by the bank came up with the name “royal bank of Canada” in the year 1901. That was also when the bank grew up. In the year 1935 royal bank of Canada than now merge with crown saving and loan Co and also merge with industrial mortgage and trust Co.

Types of Royal Bank of Canada Account

They are lot of banking services in royal bank of Canada.

  • We have Chequing account – in this service they are other types of services that you can also apply for and this service are Royal Bank of Canada VIP Banking, RBC Signature no limit banking, RBC no limit banking and RBC day to day banking.
  • Saving account – we have
  • High interest savings – Royal Bank of Canada high interest E savings.
  • Automatic savings – Nomi find and save.
  • Everyday savings – Royal Bank of Canada day to day savings.
  • USD savings – we have RBC U.S. high interest e savings.
  • Student account – we have the RBC no limit banking for students, RBC student banking, RBC Leo’s young savers account.

Benefits of Royal Bank of Canada Online Banking

  • Stay up to date by checking your balance, transaction history, schedule bill payment and more.
  • It saves time.
  • Get the full picture by linking your investment accounts and accessing them with a single sign in.

Features of RBC Online Banking

  • Banking features –
  • staying on top of your banking by viewing your account details and transaction history for the last seven years.
  • Transfer funds between RBC accounts.
  • You can pay bills at any time.
  • It is very easy to send money to someone who has an email address or mobile number by using the interface e-transfer service.
  • Manage your credits.
  • You can keep track of your mortgage and loans.
  • Investments can be managed.
  • Applying for insurance.
  • RBC Rewards.
  • Business banking.
  • U.S. banking

How to Apply Online Banking on Royal Bank of Canada To apply for online banking on RBC you to go to the website  www.RBC.com after the page as open scroll down under bank click RBC royal bank and click get started on the other page, after opening the new page scroll down you will see where they say what type of account are you looking for and choose the account you want to open then scroll down and click apply online and fill all the required details and follow the steps given to after filling the previous page and after carrying all the steps given to and still can apply to the bank online you can contact the customer care service on the below article.

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