Secure One Financial Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Secure One Financial is a multi-level marketing company that offers financial services and business opportunities to its members. With accusations of being a pyramid scheme and overpriced products, is Secure One Financial a scam or a legitimate business?

Secure One Financial Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Secure One Financial was founded in 2005 by CEO Michael Cuppy. The company is based in Michigan and offers financial services like life insurance, retirement planning, wealth management, and tax strategies.

Their main products are various life insurance policies provided by major insurance companies like AIG and Transamerica.

The business model is multi-level marketing, where members earn commissions both on their own sales and the sales of their recruitment downline. Secure One Financial claims to provide world-class field training and support to help members build their businesses.

Pros of Joining Secure One Financial

  • It has Low Startup Costs: Becoming a Secure One Financial associate only requires an initial fee of $99 which is low compared to many other MLMs. The monthly fees are also reasonable at $25 to maintain your account.
  • Offers Personal Development Opportunities: provides regular training events and conferences. Associates praise the personal growth opportunities and leadership skills they build.
  • You get Wide Range of Financial Products: Having access to a variety of financial products and services can be beneficial for members and clients. Products are provided by major insurance companies.
  • Offers Generous Compensation Plan: Secure One Financial offer several ways for associates to earn income through commissions, residuals, bonuses, and overriding residuals on downline sales. Top earners claim to make six and even seven-figure incomes.

Cons of Joining Secure One Financial

  • Expensive Products: While the life insurance and financial products are from leading insurers, critics argue the policies are vastly overpriced. Cheaper alternatives are available.
  • Overemphasis on Recruitment: Like most MLMs, there is major pressure to continuously recruit new members rather than sell products and services. The compensation plan incentivizes recruitment.
  • Pyramid Scheme Accusations: Secure One Financial has been called a pyramid scheme due to associates making far more money from recruitment than actual product sales to customers. Regulators in some states are investigating the company.
  • Lawsuits and Complaints: There are numerous online complaints about deceptive practices, hidden fees, pressure tactics, and poor customer service from Secure One Financial associates. They have also been sued.
  • Low-Income Potential: As with most MLMs, the income disclosure statement shows that over 75% of associates earn less than $500 annually. The opportunity is portrayed much more lucratively than the reality.

Secure One Financial is Risky at Best

While not an outright scam since real services and products are offered, Secure One Financial has enough red flags regarding its business practices that extreme caution is advised.

The combination of expensive products, pressure to recruit, lawsuits, and low-income potential make it a risky endeavor.

You can likely find cheaper financial services and better business opportunities elsewhere.

Alternatives to Secure One Financial

Rather than join Secure One Financial, here are some alternative options to consider that offer financial services and opportunities but with less risk:

  • Primerica – Legitimate financial MLM with lower startup costs.
  • World Financial Group – Debt reduction and wealth growth services.
  • Banking and insurance careers – Get licensed to sell financial products without the MLM model.
  • Affiliate marketing – Earn commissions promoting financial products online.
  • Financial advising – Become a certified financial planner or advisor.

One Financial may not be an outright scam, but it is certainly not the lucrative opportunity presented in the sales pitch.

However, you can find more stable, honest work in the financial services industry. Do your due diligence before joining any MLM and analyze the income statistics.


After extensive research into Secure One Financial’s products, business model, lawsuits, and income potential. They do not seem to be the best opportunity for making money.

While the financial services and training could be useful for some. There are too many red flags regarding the excessive costs and emphasis on recruitment.

Other options can provide similar services with less risk and investment. So, check carefully if you want to join Secure One Financial and don’t get caught up in any shady practices.

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