July 4, 2020

SunTrust Mortgage – Three steps to get a SunTrust Mortgage

It may interest you that some person has or no knowledge about SunTrust Mortgage, how to get it, the kind of SunTrust Mortgage one can get and so on. In this Article am going to give all the details or answer the questions that might be going on in your mind about SunTrust Mortgage. You could also ask a mortgage broker.

SunTrust Mortgage

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What is SunTrust Mortgage?

SunTrust mortgage is also a part of the SunTrust Bank, one of the nation’s largest and the strongest financial services companies. SunTrust is our people, purpose, and passion for serving our clients set us apart from the rest. It’s committed to understanding your needs and also to help to guide you towards financial confidence. It has as well built a strong team of mortgage professionals who are to go above and beyond in the bringing SunTrust’s guiding principles of life and you purchasing, it’s the team that will be able to offer you solutions that will help you to feel confident with your home purchasing decision.

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How to get a SunTrust Mortgage?

The SunTrust Bank helps to offer a different variety of the mortgage you can use as refinance existing home loans or buying a home for the first time. It can be used for a cash-out refinance, which can enable you to use your home equity for a major expenditure or that of investment opportunity.

Three steps to get a SunTrust Mortgage

The following listed below are the steps to take before you can get your home loan:

  • The Select the Mortgage Program: SunTrust participates in a very wide variety of loan programs which include VA and the FHA, Jumbo home loan mortgage financing and many more. For you to learn how to get one for yourself through one of the listed programs, you are to review the program requirements, the home loans rate the cost and that of the repayment terms on the SunTrust site.
  • The Prequalify for Your Mortgage:   for you to get a prequalified for a mortgage is not compulsory, but due to its first smart step. If you are prequalified for the SunTrust mortgage you will know how large it is and that will help you know the home loan you can afford as well. Prequalification helps you to know a lot more about SunTrust loan application requirements and more.
  • The Lock-in Your Interest Rate:  The mortgage interest rate is fluctuating by the market conditions and the mortgage rates today can be changed quickly. It can take 30 days or more than from the date you sign your mortgage contract until your loan closes, to be safe and lock in your mortgage rate. Do make sure that you lock in your rate and get the payment you want.

NOTE: If you don’t lock your rate in, the bank will be the one to determine your payment depending on the date your loan closes.

The Kind of SunTrust Mortgage

SunTrust offers you various kinds of mortgage but you are in the right position to make the choice you can afford. The following lists are the kinds of mortgage:

  • The Fixed- Rate Mortgage
  • USDA Loan
  • VA Loan
  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan
  • The Agency Affordable Financing Home Ready Loan
  • Agency Affordable Financing Home Possible Loan
  • Doctoral Loan Programs
  • Refinance Loans
  • Agency Plus Financing- High-Cost Mortgage Loans
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)
  • Jumbo Loan

These are the kinds of SunTrust mortgage you can get.

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