What is Facebook Ads? – Facebook Advertising Strategy

By | July 12, 2019

I know by you would be a puzzle about this question. Facebook ads are known as Facebook advertising. The Facebook ad that you may know is purchasing on an auction basis, where advertisers are charged based on either clicks and impressions or actions. one thing you might know as a beginner is that, there are so plenty of ad formats, and on this article, we are going to try to give you some of the structured views of what opportunities that you might have as an advertiser on Facebook. You can create and also to publish all type of ad yourself, either through the Facebook self-service interface or through a certified ads API developer such as Qwaya, If you need a more comprehensive tool for managing your Facebook advertising.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads Delivery

This ad is delivered all across Facebook and some formats are eligible to show in the Facebook news feed. Facebook ads belong to one of two categories, ads or sponsored stories When talking about the ad formats, in this way, it is very easy to get an idea of what alternatives there are for advertising.so let dive into them in details

Ads are the voice of business – what is a Facebook ad

For the Facebook ads in this category, you as an advertiser have full control of all elements of the ad. This means that you control the title of the ad, the imagery and also any text that goes with it. Facebook has 10 different ad types that fall in the ad category. We have the

  • Domain ad
  • App ad
  • Event ad
  • Mobile app ad
  • Page like ad
  • Page post ads
  • Offer ad
  • The Page post text ad
  • Page post photo ad
  • Page post link ad

Now that I have measured some of them, now let go into them in details.

Details of the Facebook ads type –what is a Facebook ad

First, we just have to take them by step by step so that you can get everything just right. Let start from the domain ad

Domain Ad

Talking about the domain ad this is the classic Facebook ads that you can see on the right side of the Facebook and that will take you off-site when clicking them.do you know what the domain ads are typically used for? I know you we be wondering, but you don’t have to.it is typically used for direct response campaigns where the conversion takes place outside of the Facebook. The second one we are going to look out is the app ad

App Ad

Like the app, ads are just like the name hints, ads for applications on Facebook. On the app ads, you don’t set a destination; they take people to the application itself when clicked.

Event Ad

This is just like the name suggests ads for Facebook events. They can show on all placements and it is possible to join the event directly from the ad.

Mobile App Ads

They are eligible to show in the news feeds on mobile. When you click on the ad it will take you directly to the apple app store or Google Play, this depending on which mobile operating system the app is for.

A page like ads is like the Facebook pages, this page can be liked directly from the ad.

Page post Ad is a page post that is sponsored in order to increase their reach. Both published and unpublished.

Page post can be sponsored and thus used as post ads.

Offer Ads

The offers ad you can use it to promote an offer redeemable in a physical store or online and so on. if you are still confused or you want to know more about the Facebook ads please don’t fail to dive into this website because there are a lot of things that you really need to know when it comes to online marketing on Facebook platform.

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