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Zenith is one of the best banks for you to bank with if you reside in Nigeria or close. This bank runs throughout Africa and provides services which stun other banks. The zenith bank offers various kinds of services ranging from personal banking, SME banking, and corporate banking all the way to customer care service.

Zenith Bank Personal Banking

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Zenith Bank Personal Banking

Zenith personal banking is a way for individuals to bank on their own free schedule and with ease. The zenith bank also offers different ways with which you can enjoy banking. But before we go into the zenith bank personal banking, it is required that we talk about the zenith bank product and services.

Zenith Bank Product and Services

Like I said before, the zenith bank offers a large scale of services to individuals. Zenith bank gives the customers control over their funds, to the extent that you can even open an account from the comfort of your home or wherever you wish. You can even do this if you do not have a BVN. I am very sure you love a bank that puts you in total control of your finance. They also have an internet banking option and mobile banking services. Let us take a brief look at the zenith bank product and services.

  • Personal banking services like current banking, private banking, savings account opening, salary accounts, and domiciliary account opening.
  • Easy ways to bank like the 966 EazyBanking, internet banking, mobile banking, and the scan to pay.
  • Cards availability, they offer credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and visa direct cards.
  • Electronic banking like zenith direct, internet banking, zenith mobile app, contactless POS and scan to pay.
  • SME banking accounts like sole proprietorship accounts, partnership accounts, clubs, societies, trust funds, and association accounts.
  • SME business services like E-services, LC (import letters of credit), import bills for collection, export transactions, and invincible remittances.
  • They have SME merchant services such as POS, Global Pay, X Path, NIBSS, real-time access, alertZ, and MCASH.
  • Corporate banking accounts like LLC accounts, enterprise accounts, partnership accounts, NGOs trust funds, and embassies and high commissions.
  • They have Corporate card solutions like corporate card suite and multi-purpose cards.
  • Corporate loans and investment.

Zenith Bank Personal Banking

Individual current account

Like I said before, they offer various services like the individual current account. This account is suitable for all those who wish to open a business account for their small business. It can be opened with a full know your customer is also known as KYC in abbreviation. This account can be opened online or by filling the application form.

Private Banking

This private banking suits those looking for a personal savings account in which they would not be troubled. So you see that the zenith bank has a lot of services to fit individual customers and make them happy. One thing I love the most about the zenith bank is the privacy they give. They also give you full access to funds anytime and anywhere.

Visit Zenith bank official website at Zenith Bank.

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