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Are you online searching for a website where you can download music, video, wallpapers, games, and themes for free, Zonkewap is the best site for you? All that is required to use the platform is to ensure you have internet connection and storage on your device.


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Zonkewap is a free website that is 80% built and designed by Waptrick. The main purpose of the Zonkewap is to give mobile phone users, a free platform to download Games, Mp3 music, mobile Apps, and Videos to their devices free of charge.

The article on how to download Zonkewap Mobile App, Mp3 Music, 3gp, videos, and Games. We automatically put an end to your worries and anxiety on how to download videos, music, etc. online for free. All you need to do is make sure you read through the article and understand how it works.

Zonkewap Website

The Zonkewap website URL is www.zonkewap.com. You can have access to the platform to download any movies, games, apps, themes, music, of your choice without signing up or log in to the website. It is free, easy, and as well protected. All files or media content available on the Zonkewap are safe and virus free.

Zonkewap Categories

 Zonkewap web portal is arranged ion various categories that make it easy to locate and download files. Just choose the category you want and watch it will display the entire files in that category. Below are the lists of categories available:

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  • Latest Mp3 Songs.
  • Games.
  • Applications.
  • Themes
  • Live Wallpaper.
  • Videos.
  • Photos and Pictures.
  • Dropant Play Online.
  • Animations.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Dropant Online Games.
  • Song Lyrics.
  • Horoscope.

With the lists above you can look out for the category that matches what you are looking for and go for it. Click on the category and watch the files in the category display without stress.

How to Download Zonkewap Mobile App

Are you having difficulties trying to download the mobile app on your device? Then follow the instructions given below.

  • Open your mobile device, and launch on the Play Store or App Store.
  • Type the Zonkewap on the search box, to pop up the App.
  • Then tap on install to start downloading the App into your device.
  • After it has successfully been downloaded into your mobile phone, click on the App to open it, and then you can start making use of it.

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Here are the instruction to follow when download the app on your mobile device.

Download Music

You can download mp3 music and also sound effects from the site, which is even more amazing. The site is usually updated with the latest music so that users can get their favorite music for free.

How to Download Music

Here are the guidelines on how to music.

  • Open your browser and type the URL www.zonkewap.com
  • From the listed categories, click on music.
  • Choose the type of music you want and tap on it.
  • Select between mp3 best quality, standard quality, and low quality.
  • Then you click on proceed to download button for the content to start downloading.

Here are the steps of how to download Music.

Features of the Zonkewap Download Music

The following lists are the features of the Zonkewap download music.

  • There are no charges attached to it.
  • Fast in downloading.
  • It is fully protected.
  • Download is free.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Antivirus free website.
  • You can download free games.
  • Playing music online.
  • Very fast and fast to operate.
  •  100% secured.

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These are the features of the Zonkewap Music Download.

Zonkewap Games

There are hundreds of available games to play from your mobile device. Some of the games you can get on the platform are as follows, action, cars, strategy, casinos, card, and a lot more.

How to Download Zonkewap Games

To download the games on the website follow the instructions below.

  • Open your browser and type the URL www.zonkewap.com.
  • From the categories click on games.
  • Choose the types of games you want to download.
  • Then you will see the one you are searching for, tap on it.
  • Click on download.

Here are the steps of how to download Zonkewap games.



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