10 Cheapest SR22 Insurance in 2022 For Cars

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10 Cheapest SR22 Insurance in 2022 For Cars

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10 Cheapest SR22 Insurance in 2022 For Cars

Insurance costs can vary widely depending on the state where you live. This simply means that the cheapest insurance provider at the national level might not even be the cheapest in your state. Different insurers simply charge different rates depending on your location, and they may also penalize DUIs and some other violations differently in each state.

Cheapest SR22 Insurance in 2022 For Cars

Here is the cheapest SR22 insurance in 2022 for cars:

  • Geico: $556 per year.
  • AAA: $576 per year.
  • Grange insurance: $615 per year.
  • Progressive: $669 per year.
  • Mercury: $700 per year.
  • USAA: $713 per year.
  • Travelers: $740 per year.
  • Wawanesa: $745 per year.
  • Esurance: $769 per year.
  • Kemper: $873 per year.


For drivers with an SR-22, Geico is simply the cheapest car insurance company because of their competitive rates ($556 per year) and generous discounts. In addition to consistently being one of the cheapest insurance companies across the board, Geico also has great ratings from customers.

Besides SR-22 insurance, Geico also offers a wide range of coverage options. This includes non-owner insurance, which is even a great alternative for SR-22 drivers who do not own a vehicle.

AAA Insurance

AAA is also one of the cheapest car insurance companies for SR-22 drivers. AAA also has great ratings from consumer watchdog groups, and they offer a wide variety of coverage options and even discounts.

In addition to its well-known roadside assistance program, the AAA also offers retail benefits and trip planning services to its members. However, AAA tends to simply receive more customer complaints than their peers, and even their customer service could use some improvement.

Grange Insurance

Grange Insurance also has very good rates for SR-22 insurance and even positive reviews from consumers. Grange even offers a wide range of coverage options and discounts. However, Grange only operates in 13 states.


Progressive also has a great collection of available discounts, and even their claims process is consistently praised for being quick and convenient. Perhaps most importantly, Progressive simply offers competitive rates for SR-22 drivers, too. They also do have non-owner insurance as part of their wide range of coverage options.

Mercury Insurance

Even though Mercury is only available in eight of the states that use SR-22 forms, they are still a great choice for high-risk drivers. Mercury simply offers competitive rates and even has a great selection of discounts available.

While they simply have a great variety of coverage options, Mercury’s customer service is not the best. Mercury also does not allow people to then purchase policies online, which can be frustrating for tech-savvy consumers.

USAA Insurance

USAA is also a great choice for SR-22 drivers who happen to be current or former military members, or simply relatives of one. USAA also has cheaper rates than many of its competitors. Additionally, the USAA simply receives good reviews from consumer watchdog groups’ editors. USAA also offers a long list of discounts and even coverage options, including non-owner insurance.

However, their claims process and customer service department do not always receive good reviews.

Travelers Insurance

Travelers also have great reviews from consumer watchdog groups’ editors. They can also offer a significant variety of discounts and even coverage options, including non-owner insurance. However, Travelers is simply more expensive than some of its competitors for SR-22 insurance.

Wawanesa Insurance

Wawanesa is then only available to drivers in California and also Oregon. Despite that, Wawanesa also offers an extensive range of coverage options and even has great reviews from consumer watchdog groups. However, the Wawanesa is even more expensive for high-risk drivers with SR-22s than some of its bigger competitors.


Esurance’s all-online system can then be a big bonus for tech-savvy drivers who simply need an SR-22. Esurance also has very competitive pricing and even offers discounts.

However, they do lack a diverse list of coverage options, and their lack of local agents can simply make managing policies a bit difficult. They can also receive complaints about delayed claims and also for unexpected rate increases.


What is SR-22 for Nebraska?

SR-22 insurance is simply a legal requirement in Nebraska for high-risk driving violations. An SR-22 form is then filed by your insurance provider and also acts as proof that your car insurance meets Nebraska’s minimum liability requirements. These policies are virtually the same as standard auto insurance policies.

How much is SR-22 in Ohio?

SR-22 insurance in Ohio simply costs an average of $426 per year, an increase of 8% compared to standard car insurance rates. In addition to an increased premium, it simply costs between $15 and $25 to file an SR-22 form in Ohio, depending on the insurance company.

How much does an SR-22 cost in California?

How much does an SR-22 cost in California? Insurance companies simply or typically charge about $25 to file an SR-22. In addition, fines and fees to get your California driving privileges restored can add up to over $300.

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