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What are the 10 proven ways to become a call of duty master? Hopefully, that’s what you’ll get the chance to learn in this article. Most people usually go straight off to YouTube when it comes to mastering a game but you may not have enough data, or the device, or even the means to do so. You may have the means, data, or device but probably don’t have the time to wait and that’s why you’re reading this article right now. If I’m right, you’re not wrong and you just got yourself on the right page of the internet. I personally play call of duty all the time and I remember when I was still a noob, was easily killed. This is what I would be teaching you to overcome.

10 Proven Ways to Become a Call of Duty Master

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Why Become a Call of Duty Master?

Before we proceed any further, you should know that becoming a master on the call of duty doesn’t mean you’ll be invisible or can’t get killed. Of course, you can get killed but the aim of you becoming a master is survival. If you are a noobie just playing this game, I am really happy that you get to learn these tips from me. I personally use these tips to get first or second every time. First, you are going to need a smartphone with call of duty installed to continue.

10 Proven Ways to Become a Call of Duty Master

Here is a list of the best tips I use when playing call of duty. You may not be aware of these tips every time but with practice, you would get used to it.

  1. Understand all the maps and routes.
  2. Choose your weapons wisely and upgrade them.
  3. Take advantage of the settings available.
  4. Play 5 on 5 more often.
  5. Be a good team player when playing a group game.
  6. Develop attack and defense tactics.
  7. Know the battles to fight and when to withdraw from a battle.
  8. Understand that survival is more important than kills.
  9. Always help each other.
  10. Master different weapons.

Those are the tips I personally use when playing call of duty. Just reading them plainly, you might not understand it. Let’s explain these tips.

Understand all the Maps and Routes

Knowing your environment is a major key to winning every battle and looting weapons. For instance, I always jump off at sanitarium or circus because there are enough weapons waiting for you and your team there. Going to places like kill house and the blue house is very risky because a lot of players jump off there. Also, try your best not to spend too much time flying in the air as those than land early tend to get all the weapons.

Choose your Weapons Wisely and Upgrade Them

Knowing and mastering hat weapons to use is another one of the 10 proven ways to become a call of duty master. You may be wondering (aren’t all weapons good?) or (what’s the difference?). Well, all weapons aren’t the same and the difference can be found in the loadout tab. The loadout page is also the place you would need to go when upgrading your weapons. Choosing your weapons is very important because some weapons do more damage. On some others, the recoil is reduced. Depending on the device you are using, you should decide the best weapon. You could also practice with each of them to know the best for you.

Take Advantage of the Settings Available

Using the settings to tweak your game is another pro’s move. Increasing your screen brightness would increase your chances of easily finding the targets and seeing obstacles. Increasing the sensitivity would also be of great use when it comes to aiming and quick turns.

Play 5 on 5 More Often

If you are a noob looking at these 10 ways to become a call of duty master, you should play 5 on 5 more often. You may e wondering the use. Well, 5 on 5 increases your one on one combat strength and tactics. These tactics are very essential for survival in a battle royale.

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Be a Good Team Player when Playing a Group Game

When playing a group game, I highly suggest you turn on your voice chat and stick with your team. You should always move together with your team in groups of two or four if necessary. Playing like a good team player increases your team’s chances of winning the battle.

Develop Attack and Defense Tactics

Developing both attack and defense tactics is also crucial to ensuring your survival. This is another reason why you should master the class weapons of your choice. Always going to high ground is good for both defense and attack. If you are having a sniper rifle, you can easily get kills from the top of a mountain or roof. It is also difficult for people to easily get to you as there are limited ways to get to the top.

Know the Battles to Fight and When to Withdraw from a Battle

(10 Proven Ways to Become a Call of Duty Master) You shouldn’t just run into any battle because you are looking for kills. For instance, if you see multiple yellow gunshots on your mini-map, it means a team of players is shooting. They are not rivaling; they are either making a kill or drawing attention. If you aren’t strong enough to face them, you shouldn’t involve yourself in the battle. Just take the other ways or get into a vehicle and zoom off.

Understand that Survival is more Important that Kills

The aim of a battle royale match is to be the last man/team standing. This is a very important factor you should take into consideration. You could escape as many battles as possible just so you can win the war. Imagine them fighting themselves off and leaving just you and the last man or team. It is way easier to win the battle royale.

Always Help Each Other

(10 Proven Ways to Become a Call of Duty Master) If your teammates die, you should try your best to make sure you revive them. This is important because you cannot handle a full team on your own unless they are all noobs. If your teammate needs an ammunition or health pack, you should also share of you have enough.

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Master Different Weapons

Mastering the different weapons and knowing when to use them can also be killer pro’s move. I recommend always carrying a sniper rifle and an assault rifle or SMG, depending on your choice of weapons. You should know that big guns slow you down when you’re walking or sprinting.


With these 10 proven ways to become a call of duty master, I hope you can now reach your goal to be the best. A quick hint is that you should always keep your weapon when sprinting. If you still need more tutorials, I suggest you watch some pro players on YouTube. You could always learn a thing or two if you pay attention.

Some Youtube Videos I Watched
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lcYB3JE-Yk.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGB48jV6NXg.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUFRPpIVSdk.
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