Application for Android Auto: New Android App for Drivers

Hey! Have you heard of Android Auto? What can it be used for? How can one get it and make use of it? All of these are what you find out later on in this Application for Android Auto. S0 my dear reader I urge you to read on to the end of this content to find out more.

Most often people travel to new places for many different reasons. It could be because of work, vacation, or something else. But the important thing is for them to get to their destination without getting lost on the way. And because of that, there are many locations finding apps out there that help to ease that trouble. Android Auto is one such app that can help you out.

Application for Android Auto

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Application for Android Auto

Android Auto is a mobile app developed for Android phone users by Google. The app is basically designed to help road users navigate through the roads and route when making journeys.

With the Android Auto app, you can connect your phone to your car display and your android apps show on the screen. Once connected you can tap to get directions on routes and road, send text, make calls, and have fun once on the road. The app makes you be able to focus on the road while also having fun all along the way. There are lots of features of the Android Auto app as it is compatible with most of your favorite apps.

Features of Android Auto

Here are some of the features of the new android auto.

  • Navigate.
  • Entertainment.
  • Google Assistant.
  • Communicate.


With the navigation feature, you can go from where you are current to wherever. Get update alert from Google Maps to find better routes to your destination. With the Google Map, you can look for nearby gas stations and shops for any stop by. All these can be seen on your car’s dashboard screen.


Like is said above, the Android Auto app is compatible with most of your favorite apps. So, you can get some entertainment along the road listening to your favorite playlist and album. You can control this song by pausing and playing them with just your voice.

Google Assistant:

Android Auto app has built-in Google’s own voice assistant. With Google Assistant you can do more with your voice and less with hands. Just pay attention to the road and use your voice for all the help you need. To activate Google Assistant just say “Hey Google” and it will respond to all your needs.


With the communication feature, you can communicate and keep in touch with your friends and loved once. Chat them om massaging apps and make voice calls also. You can allow Google Assistant to read out your messages out loud and help you write back by talking to it.

There you have it. With these features listed above, Android Auto promises to be just the app you need on the road. They will make your journey more fun and sweeter.

Requirements to Make Use of The Android Auto App

There is no doubt that the Android Auto App is there for all to make use of. But for you to make use you first have to meet the Requirements to Make Use of The Android Auto App. And you have to make sure the app compatible with your location then you are good to go. Below is a list of the requirements needed.

  • Make sure your car is compatible with the Android Auto App. Check Car compatibility.
  • Download the Android Auto App for Android version 9 and below. If you are using Android version 10, the App is already on the phone.
  • Connect using a USB cord or wirelessly if your car supports wireless connection.

Those listed above are what is required for you to make use of the app. Once all is done then you are good to go.

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Availability of Android Auto App

The Availability of the Android Auto App also means where you can be able to use the App. Below is a complete list of the various location as of June 2020.

  • Australia.
  • Argentina.
  • Austria.
  • Bolivia.
  • Brazil.
  • Canada.
  • Chile.
  • Columbia.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Ecuador.
  • Germany.
  • Guatemala.
  • France.
  • India.
  • Ireland.
  • Italy.
  • Japan.
  • Mexico.
  • New Zealand.
  • Panama.
  • Paraguay.
  • Peru.
  • Philippines.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • Russia.
  • Singapore.
  • South Africa.
  • South Korea.
  • Spain.
  • Switzerland.
  • Taiwan.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United States.
  • Uruguay.
  • Venezuela.

These are some of the countries where android auto is available.

How to Connect Android Auto to Your Car

If you are looking for a way to connect the Android Auto app to your car then look no further. Below are the simple steps to follow.

  • Go to Google Play Store and download the Android Auto app.
  • Plug your phone to your car screen using a USB cord.
  • Turn on your car and make sure it’s in park mode.
  • Give Android Auto permission to access your phone’s features and apps. You can choose to turn on notifications for a better experience.

That is how you connect your Android Auto app to your car and start to make use of the app.

How to Connect Android Auto App with your Phone on Your Car

You can also use your phone as a screen to make use of the Android Auto app.

  • Make sure you are using a version of 6. And above.
  • Download the Android Auto app from Google Play Store.
  • Get a car mount for your phone.
  • A USB cable for charging your phone while making use of the Android Auto app.
  • Give Android Auto permission to access the phone’s features and apps.

Once you are done with these steps then you can start making use of Android Auto on your car using your phone.

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