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Badoo download simply means a way to download the Badoo app on whichever device you find yourself using. Badoo can be downloaded on a series of devices.

These devices are mostly smartphones and iPhone devices. If you are new to Badoo and don’t know what it’s all about, I’ll be explaining that later in this article.

Badoo Download

First of all, it is not easy downloading the Badoo app and some people find it difficult. For some reason, I find it quite easy to do. This is one of the reasons why I’m making this online tutorial on downloading the app.

Badoo Download

Badoo can be downloaded from either the google play store or the Apple app store. The app is light In weight and I would be covering an online tutorial on how to download this app.

The step-by-step guides would be in more recent paragraphs. Before then, let’s get into what Badoo is all about.

Some of you may be hearing the word Badoo for the first time. Some see Badoo as a dating app, others see it as an app to meet people.


Well, what is Badoo? Badoo is a dating app to meet and connect with people. There are over four hundred million people on the Badoo app waiting to connect.

Badoo is just a great application to find love. Some people on this app found love already. Others are still searching and waiting to be found. There are a lot of things that can be done on this application.

For instance, you can get hookups, short-term relationships, long-term relationships, and even one-night stands. Badoo is all about meeting the right people, connecting, and vibing with them.

Badoo Lite

There’s the Badoo app and there’s the Badoo lite. It all depends on which application you want to use. For low-budget or low storage devices, I advise you to go for the Badoo lite application.

Both applications have the same features and basically perform the same actions. The difference is that one application is lighter than the other one.

Badoo is for dating, chatting, and meeting new friends. Despite this, there can be a lot of perverts on this application too. You just have to learn to ignore them.

Download the Badoo App on Your Device

Downloading the Badoo app is very easy. It doesn’t matter the app you want to download (the Badoo app or the Badoo lite), follow the steps below to download the application on your device;

  • Open the application drawer on your device.
  • Find the app store icon on your device and click on it. (It can be the google play store or iOS app store. It can also be any other trusted app stores).
  • When the app store loads up, find the search bar, and click on it.
  • After clicking, make a search for “Badoo” to download the Badoo app or “Badoo Lite” to download the Badoo lite app.
  • After making the search, you would be directed to the application page on the respective play store. If you are directed to a search page, it would probably be the first or second result.
  • Find the “Install”, “Get”, or “Download” button depending on the app store you are using.

After clicking the app should begin downloading. After downloading, some application stores would automatically install the app for you. If it wasn’t installed automatically, you can find the file in the download location and run the package to install it.

If you are using an iOS device, it would definitely be installed automatically on your device. After downloading the app, you can set up your account or sign in to an account you already have.

If you are looking for a way to create a Badoo account, search it using the search bar on this website.

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